How To Make Every Zodiac Sign Like You More, No Matter What Your Sign Is

Some people (Scorpios) can walk into any room and instantly have everyone enamored with them, while others' over-bearing perfectionist tendencies (Virgos) can turn people off. Each zodiac sign has traits that both bother and captivate other signs. If you're looking for ways to make each zodiac sign like you more you have to look no further than the zodiac itself. Getting people to like you can be a fool's errand because it really shouldn't matter if everyone likes you or not, and sometimes you might feel like you have to change who you are to be accepted. This is a dangerous rabbit hole to go down. And, while I know this intellectually, it's still nice to feel liked by others.

Furthermore, understanding what makes other people tick can be useful in life, love, and your career — which is why so many businesses these days have new hires complete personality assessments.

So, instead of thinking of this as a way to get everyone to like you, think about it as a way to understand how each sign thinks, feels, and makes decisions based on its position in the zodiac. And, by arming yourself with this information, one side effect is that people will like you more, and you'll have less misunderstandings with zodiac signs that seem to clash with yours.

1. Support Aries' Out-There Ideas


All you have to do to win over Aries is support their ideas, no matter how out there or unrealistic you think they might be. Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, is a natural leader and trendsetter. And, even if you think there is no way that anyone can make a dress out of raw meat, or design a cat brush that you can attach to your tongue, Aries knows these ideas are not only possible, but that they will be a hit. And, Aries is hardly ever wrong when they have their finger on the pulse of popular culture. Aries doesn't want to hear why their idea won't work, they want you to tell them that you believe it will be a success. If you don't believe in them, you're not likely to last long with the Ram.

2. Don't Surprise Taurus


The most risk averse of all of the signs, Taurus hates surprises. In fact, most people hate surprises unless it's something like VIP tickets to Lady Gaga, or a an oversized million-dollar check from Ed McMahon, so I'm not sure why everyone is so busy surprising each other all of the time. However, Taurus takes great pains to make sure they know exactly what's going to happen in every situation. If you're constantly pulling the rug out from under Taurus they're probably going to stop hanging out with you because you cause them too much anxiety. If you're going to be a friend to Taurus, make sure you let them in on whatever is going on.

3. Listen To Gemini Talk


Gemini is the most social and chatty of all of the signs, and the twins can talk to anyone, including themselves if no one else is around. As long as you provide an audience for Gemini's endless monologues, you're in with the twins. However, Gemini is not a great listener so this arrangement can eventually end up seeming pretty one-sided. But, if you need to get along with a Gemini for whatever reason, listening to them is the easiest way to do it.

4. Let Cancer Take Care Of You


OK, you don't have to let Cancer take care of you in a creepy Kathy Bates in Misery kind of way, but if Cancer asks you if you want something to eat or drink, say yes. Cancers love to nurture others, and if you thwart their natural-born nurturing instincts, you're likely to hurt their feeling. And, a hurt Cancer is not something you want on your hands. Because the crab is so sensitive, they might not give you another chance after they feel slighted.

5. Shower Leo With Compliments


Leo loves to be the center of attention all of the time. The way to win Leo over is to shower them with compliments because Leos love to hear how great you think they are. And, while they like to be center stage, Leo also likes to spread the love. Giving Leo a compliment will almost always result in them giving you one in return. Before you know it you'll be in an endless cycle of telling each other how you're the two best people on Earth. Who doesn't love that?

6. Ask Virgo For Advice


Analytical, solution-oriented Virgo loves to fix everything that's wrong in the world. This includes the disasters they think other people are making of their lives. Even if you don't intend to take it, asking Virgo for advice on how to address a dilemma shows them that you recognize that they know how to solve every problem, and that they really do know everything. Really, this is all Virgo is asking for, and they very rarely get it, so just indulge them and you'll have a friend for life.

7. Invite Libra To Dinner And Choose The Restaurant


Winning over Libra is easy — trust me, I am one. Libra wants everything to be beautiful, harmonious, and fair. And, they don't want to have to make any decisions. Invite Libra somewhere fabulous where they can dress up and show off their sense of style. And, make sure you pick the place. If you make Libra choose where you'e going to eat, you're likely to never eat at all. Having to make decisions can be overwhelming for Libra, and they are likely to spend less time with people who expect them to decide on every little thing. Get to know your Libra, learn what they like, and ask them if they want to join you for a night at [insert trendy restaurant here]. Don't surprise them because they need to know how to dress or else they'll never make it out of the house. No matter what, the Libra is probably going to be late. Don't make them feel bad about this if you want to have any fun at all because, if Libra gets upset, they will spend the rest of the night beating themselves up for ruining your evening. I know what I'm talking about; it's better just to let it go.

8. Tell Scorpio All Of Your Secrets


Scorpio is not like the rest of us, everyone usually likes them no matter what so they don't even need to know any of these little tricks. However, all of this adoration doesn't go to their heads. Scorpio dislikes shallow people and is always trying to delve beneath the surface to see what makes people tick. If you want to get in Scorpio's good graces, confide in them, which if you're hanging out with a Scorpio you're probably already doing anyway because somehow being around Scorpio is like drinking some kind of truth serum.

9. Take A Road Trip With A Sagittarius


If you're a Taurus or a Virgo, giving yourself over to the whims of a Sagittarius is probably pretty out of your comfort zone. However, if you want to make a friend in Sagittarius you're going to have to indulge their sense of adventure, even if that means grabbing nothing but a toothbrush and a pair of underwear and heading out for parts unknown in the middle of the night. Despite this sign's lack of planning, the Sagittarius can always be counted on to find the fun so road tripping with Sagittarius is never a mistake. No matter what happens, Sagittarius can provide you with a zany road trip story that you'll tell over and over again for the rest of your life.

10. Invite Capricorn To Do Something In Nature


Capricorns are extremely hardworking and are driven to succeed no matter what. In their never-ending quest for success, the Capricorn can neglect their earthly nature and forget to take time to relax and recharge. According to, Capricorn's "physical senses are in full bloom during spring, and sensual Capricorn loves the smell, look, and feel of new life growing all around." If you literally take Capricorn out to smell the roses, they'll think you're a pretty great person who really "gets" them.

11. Join Whatever Aquarius Is Organizing


Unless the thing Aquarius is organizing is a ruthless cult, it's beneficial to join whatever they're planning at the moment. Aquarius is a fiercely independent sign that has no problem going their own way if their ideas differ from those of the dominant group. Aquarius really doesn't care if anyone joins them or not, but they are appreciative of someone believing in them. By aligning yourself with Aquarius you're showing them that you really do believe that marching for the rights of sugar ants is just as important as marching for the rights of shelter dogs. Aquarius is used to everyone thinking their ideas are kooky AF, but they are going to pursue them anyways — even if they have to go it alone. By being team Aquarius you will earn yourself a friend for life. Just keep it to yourself that you really don't care about ants because Aquarius also doesn't like posers.

12. Go To Pisces' Weird Spiritual Things


If Pisces invites you to a sound bath/pranayama breathing class/medical intuitive reading/laughter yoga session, go. The pensive Pisces is the most mystical and fantastical of all of the signs, and the fish can exist completely inside of their own fantasy world. However, they are happy to invite you into their goddess circle if you're willing to set aside your expectations that all baths have water and alternate nose breathing can cure anxiety. What will turn a Pisces off is your inability to consider that alternative modalities have value or that alternate realities exist. Whether or not you can open your mind to these possibilities, this is where Pisces lives so you need to respect their house if you want to make any headway in building a relationship with the fish.