Ways To Get Your Partner To Fall Even More In Love With You, Based On Their Sign

If you're in a relationship, then you're likely on the lookout for all sorts of ways to impress your partner, and win them over with your most romantic gestures. Taking their personality, likes, and dislikes into account, you dream up date night ideas, make the perfect gifts, and appeal to them by knowing just what to say in every situation.

These skills — and figuring out how to be sweet to each other — obviously comes naturally as you two get to know each other. But you can also make them fall even more head-over-heels, and show how much you care, simply by learning more about the traits associated zodiac sign.

This is a fun way to learn more about your SO and what makes them tick, so you can have an even better chance at being a top notch partner — as well as one who knows a thing or two about romance.

"When you're in love, you want to express your love as much and as often as possible," professional astrologer Rachel Lang tells Bustle. "By knowing what your partner likes and appreciates, you can find ways to keep the romance alive in your relationship." And, as any long-term couple knows, that really is the key to happiness. Read on for some ways to impress your partner, based on their sign.

Aries: Boost Their Ego

If your partner is an Aries, go ahead and stroke their ego — in a genuine way — whenever your relationship needs a little boost. Tell them how much they mean to you, dole out sweet compliments, show how much you care. "You can't compliment an Aries enough," Lang says.

Then, go ahead and be the best listener ever. As Athena Perrakis, PhD, founder and CEO of Sage Goddess says, "To get their attention, be open, honest, and most of all, be willing to listen to Aries’ words."

Taurus: Give Them The Perfect Gift

If you can make or find the perfect gift, I promise the Taurus in your life will be so incredibly grateful. "Their love language is definitely gift-giving," Lang says. "They attach meaning to things, especially anything that is given in a generous spirit of love."

Gemini: Teach Them Something New

If you have a special skill or secret talent, go ahead and share it with your SO. "No trait turns on a Gemini like intelligence," Lang says. And, if you can factor in an element of surprise, even better. "Introduce them to a new club or restaurant. Take them somewhere unexpected." They'll truly appreciate it.

Cancer: Eat Comfort Food By Candlelight

Even if you're not the best cook on the planet, comfort food is easy enough to make. And that really is the way to a Cancer's heart. "They can be quite romantic and like to nest with their partners. If you want Cancer to fall deeper in love with you, cook a meal together and dine by candlelight," says Lang. "Then, open up to them. They love to feel intimacy and connection."

Leo: Give Them Plenty Of Attention

Leos love to be the center of attention, so don't be afraid to dote on them every now and again. "Leo wants to feel needed and desired, even more so than with other signs, so it’s important to tell your Leo how handsome or beautiful he or she is," Perrakis says. "Be open with your feelings and your Leo will respond!"

Virgo: Show Your Appreciation

Does your partner make you coffee each morning? Or surprise you with little gifts? "When you want your Virgo to love you more, notice each little thing he or she does," Lang says. "Pay attention to the subtleties. Did he clean the kitchen? Thank him! Did she leave a love note? Write one back. Gifts of service is a typical Virgo love language."

Libra: Work On Building Your Bond

If you can plan the perfect romantic evening, you'll win some major points. "They love to be adored and can be very adoring in return," Lang says. "Libra loves to love. The more you keep the romance alive, the more love you'll receive from Libra."

They also care about creating last bonds, so do what you can to work on yours. As Perrakis says, "Libras’ inherent charm is largely a result of the fact that they know intuitively how to create lasting bonds with people – anyone, everyone. It’s an art!"

Scorpio: Have A Deep Conversation

Nothing beats a deep, emotional conversation for Scorpios. "They find surface conversation boring. If you can truly see them for who they are, the dark and the light, and accept even the shadows, you will win a Scorpio's heart."

They also love sex, so surprise them with an erotic evening. "They want to be known, seen, and experienced. Sex is extremely important for Scorpio because it is another way of experiencing intimacy."

Sagittarius: Go On An Adventure

Grab your partner by the hand, climb into the car, and say you're going on an adventure — but don't say where. "Sagittarius loves spontaneity and adventure. If you can plan a last-minute getaway, you will appeal to their adventurous heart," Lang says.

Capricorn: Share Your Goals

The best thing you could do as a couple? Spend the weekend volunteering. "Capricorn likes to be part of a bigger picture and to leave a lasting legacy," Lang says. "If you are involved in the community with dreams and goals of your own, you will impress a Capricorn."

And don't be afraid to talk about your career aspirations. "They have their eyes focused on the distant horizon and think about long-term success. They love to be part of a power couple."

Aquarius: Give Them Space

If you're dating an Aquarius, be sure to give them space. "Aquarius can have an independent streak. They like to be free to have their own friends and social circle. Of all the astrological signs, Aquarius might need the most personal freedom and space in a relationship. If you truly appreciate Aquarius, all of their unique attributes and out-of-the-box ideas, you will win over Aquarius's heart," Lang says.

Pisces: Be Supportive

Pisces are pretty darn emotional, so they truly appreciate partners who notice their ups and downs, and support them along the way. As Lang says, "They can be sensitive and feel everything deeply. Because of this, they like to know they can rely on you for support when things get stressful. They also love to spend time with you, no matter what you're doing. They like to know you are truly present for them."

Having a healthy relationship takes work, beyond simply noticing these little things. But it never hurts to appeal to the things your partner naturally appreciates, all in the name of a healthier, and way more fun, relationship.

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