How To Make Your Own Facebook Mask Using Frame Studio

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Today, many exciting announcements were made at Facebook’s F8 developer conference. In essence: the future of Facebook is very futuristic. But maybe most importantly, augmented reality is here thanks to Facebook, and on your smart phone, so you're going to want to know how to make your own Facebook mask because, yeah, that's a thing you can do now. Oh, and yeah, it's augmented reality, on-the-go. And while it might not be the kind of mask that will clear up your skin or give you a springy glow, it's definitely the kind of mask that will give your social media presence some glow.

Remember when you thought that Facebook was just joining the social media game with "stories" and frames and masks? Well, now Facebook is jumping ahead with personalized masks for users available now, and an open beta platform for developers to delve even farther into customizable future possibilities. Basically, Facebook is making it really easy for us to become multimedia storytellers without any coding experience, editing knowledge or film background. Already, Zuckerberg announced some existing technology that developers can use as a starting point. It's object recognition and it's flipping awesome.

Picture this: 3D images and text bubbles interacting with your own live footage. Adding steam to a cup of coffee and filling your office up with water will be possibilities too. Yes, that's the future of Facebook stories. By the time developers get their hands on the mask capabilities, we'll be able to make the most captivating and animated videos, on the go, to be shared with our networks with the tap of a finger.

But in the meantime, while we wait for developers to come up with really elaborated and specific mask designs that make us wonder if the actual Matrix is inside of our phones, we can start to play with customizable masks on our phones, now. Here's how to make your own mask in Frame Studio:

Head To Frame Studio


Follow this link to the Frame Studio where you can start to play with camera effects and learn more about the future of frames and masks.

Create Frame


Click on "Create Frame" in the upper right hand corner.

Upload Art & Edit


Upload a picture from your desktop to use as the base for the frame. You might want to download a picture first. Just remember you can't use logos or trademarks, the photo should be your own. Make sure the frame looks good before finalizing your settings. You can customize who sees it and who the owner is.



Now it's time for Facebook to review your frame. You'll hear back in a week or so on whether or not your frame has been approved.