How To Move Past A Bad Date So You Don't Give Up On Love Altogether, According To Experts

Josep Suria/Shutterstock

If you participate in online dating, the chances are pretty high you've had some stinkers where dates are concerned, or at least some encounters that are less-than-fireworks level, romantically speaking. And if you feel like much of dating is daunting, figuring out how to recover from a really bad date can feel like a particular challenge.

But listen, you are not alone, by any means, when it comes to the struggles that might arise when you're swiping and meeting up. According to a survey by, 3/4 of people using dating apps have had bad experiences on dates. And these dates can come in all forms, from feeling unsafe or having an unsavory sexual experience, to having comically bad conversations with someone. And while going at your own pace— with as many breaks as you need—is totally cool, having bad dates does not mean you have to quit dating.

"You recover the same way you do a major breakup," breakup and dating coach for women, Cherlyn Chong, of Steps to Happyness, tells Bustle. "Feel all your feelings, cut it off with the person you’ve dated and then separate the self from the date."

Below, take some tips from a few pros on how to keep rolling when your love life has a few bumps in the road.