This Instagram Hack Lets You Organize Your Favorite Filters

by Syeda Khaula Saad
Ivan Pantic/E+/Getty Images

There are plenty of third-party photo-editing apps available to find great filters for your next Instagram post. But you don't have to look too far away from the social media platform itself to get just the filter you want. For those who might've forgotten, Instagram has its own set of dozens of filters you can play around with before posting a picture. Plus, you can organize these Instagram post filters in any way you think best.

To access Instagram's filters, all you have to do is choose which photo (or photos) from your personal Photo Library you want to post. Once you figure out the scaling and order of the photos, hit Next and you should be taken to a screen that shows you filter options at the bottom of your photo. Whenever you tap on a filter, you are able to see what that filter would look like on your photo. While it could be convenient to have all of these filters available to you every time you edit a picture, it can also get a little overwhelming to have to flip through so many each time. To rearrange the order in a way that makes sense to you, just drag and drop the filters.

Syeda Khaula Saad/Bustle

You can do that by simply pressing down on the filter that you want to move. Once you press down on it long enough, the preview of your photo will be covered up by a panel that reads, "Drag to Hide." If you want to place it before or after another filter, simply drag it over that filter. If instead of just moving that filter around you think that you won't really be using it that much, you can drag it over to the "Drag to Hide" area and drop it there, causing it to disappear from your options at the bottom of the screen. But don't worry, you can always get it back any time you want by choosing to Manage your filters.

Out of Instagram's 40 or so available filters, you're usually shown about 20 by default when you edit a picture on the app. But these 20 that you're shown aren't set in stone. If you want to see less filters, more filters, or change the ones you see whenever you edit a photo, scroll all the way to the end of your post filter options and tap on the box that says, "Manage," with the cog icon. Tapping this will bring you to the Manage Filters screen where you'll notice a full list of Instagram's filters.

Some filters will have a blue checkmark to the right of their names. This indicates which filters are currently being shown to you when you edit a photo. To stop a filter from showing up in your main list, simply tap the blue check to make it disappear. To add a filter to your options, tap the empty circle next to it so that it becomes a blue check mark. You can change these whenever you feel like it.

Syeda Khaula Saad/Bustle

It feels like just about everyone uses Instagram, but that doesn't mean you can't find little ways to personalize the app. Organizing your filters so they match your own unique tastes isn't just fun — it can also contribute to a more consistent aesthetic in your grid.