How To Participate In A Day Without A Woman
by Megan Grant
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A Day Without a Woman is set to take place on March 8 — International Women's Day — and people around the world are planning their own involvement. With jobs, kids, and other responsibilities, it's not necessarily easy to find your place in the upcoming strike; but if you're wondering how to participate in A Day Without a Woman no matter where you are or what you're doing, rest assured that they are several ways to get your voice heard on what promises to be another epic day for women (and, you know, people in general) around the world.

A Day Without a Woman can be described as a general strike, where participants essentially press pause on the economy to remind the government that they work for the people. explains that general strikes typically take place at the hands of most of the workers of a country, city, or province. The concept is nothing new, either; women's strikes from history prove that they can absolutely ignite change, and we've been doing it for well over a century.

On March 8, we're all encouraged to take action. Here's how you can be a part of it, no matter where on the globe you're located.

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Actually Participate In The Strike

Not everyone is privileged enough to be able to do this, and that's totally fine, but if you can, do it. The idea is to skip work or school and join a local protest — which the Women's March org and International Women's Strike USA have made easy. If you can't find one, start one! Rallies, marches, and pickets are just a few ways to join in the protest.


Participate In #GrabYourWallet

#GrabYourWallet encourages us to use our consumer power. You can boycott companies that do not support your communities, equality, and the policies you stand for. At the same time, you can invest in the businesses that are acting in a socially responsible manner.


Take Part In #DivestDAPL

#DivestDAPL calls out the major sources of funding the Dakota Access Pipeline and thereby profiting off of destruction. It's about the oppression of Indigenous people, and the protection of our environment. See the full list here.


Wear Red

The International Women's Strike USA says that even if you can't skip out on work, gather everyone you can and wear/use the color red. Show your solidarity through your wardrobe choices.


Refuse Gender Roles And Stereotypes

If you don't have a job you can walk out of (or if you're unable to), don't forget that A Day Without a Woman also applies to our jobs at home — the place often deemed the "woman's" domain, while the "man" belong at the office. Cleaning, cooking, and other housework will be OK without you for a day. If you can boycott it, do so.


Donate To The International Women's Strike USA

Just about anyone with an internet connection can get involved in this. They've set a $10,000 goal and at the time of this article, they've hit $1,970 in three days. Donate to their GoFundMe and help cover the costs of banners, flyers, stickers, their website, and everything else needed to make this day a success.


Talk To Your Boss

If you're in a position where you simply can't get away from work, you can still participate in the strike from inside the office. Why not sit down across from the person who calls the shots and talk about how A Day Without a Woman and your job are related?

For example, you might explain why certain aspects of the job would be beneficial to all employees — like paid family leave, pay equity, and women in leadership. You might take this time to explain how and why certain perks and benefits you receive have helped you so tremendously. You can make a difference, regardless of where you are.