7 Tips For Having The Low-Key Bachelorette Party Of Your Dreams

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Some soon-to-be-married folks want to celebrate during their bachelorette by throwing a huge party that lasts an entire weekend. But for people who want to keep things more simple, planning a low-key bachelorette party might be a better fit. The bottom line is that the party is about one person — the person getting married — and so if they want something understated, then that's totally OK.

Keep it simple and do what the person getting married likes to do, Sarah Crowell, lead planner at Mavinhouse Events, tells Bustle. If you're planning your own bachelorette party, you definitely don't have to feel pressured into doing things that don't feel authentic to who you are. "Just like when we are planning a wedding, your plans should be a reflection of you," she says. "Surround yourself with only the people you love most that will bring good energy to your [party] and keep plans manageable to minimize stress — this should be fun and relaxing!" If that means laying around and chatting in sweatpants, then go for it. If the perfect celebration sounds like just going out to get ice cream or playing soccer at a local park, that's great too.

Here's how to plan a bachelorette party if you don't want to make a big deal about it, according to experts.


Throw A Dinner Party

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"Traveling or not, having a chic at-home dinner party can be a fabulous way to have a relaxed, but new and fun time with your friends," Crowell says. If you have a bit of a budget for the meal, research a local chef to come over and cook a really special meal for you, she says. But if you want to keep the celebration more cost-effective, that's totally doable too. Order pizza, buy some sub sandwiches from a local shop, or have all the supplies you'll need to create a taco bar on hand, and people will be sure to be satisfied. Plus, you can technically all have dinner in sweatpants (or even pajamas) if you'd like, which would definitely keep the atmosphere chill.


Try "Glamping"

Traditionally speaking, friends might spend a bachelorette party traveling to explore a city's nightlife. But if you want to keep the celebration more relaxed while still getting out of town for a bit, a recharging trip to the mountains might be a great option for you. Depending on where you live, there might be a beautiful campground a short drive away from you, with the quietest hiking trails and the most spectacular views you can imagine. "Rent a cabin, camp, or glamp," Crowell says. "Being in nature instinctually takes the pressure out of getting dressed up, and invites you to live more simply." End the night with s'mores and everyone's sure to be thrilled.


Chill At The Beach

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"There's nothing more chill than lounging by the ocean for hours," Crowell says. If you don't want to make a big deal about the bachelorette party, just enjoying the beauty of nature might be a great balance. "Pack your coolers and just enjoy the simplicity of sandy snacks and cocktails in a can," she says. If you decide to spend the night at a nearby beach, all of the guests can peruse the shops and restaurants at their own pace. And if you are lucky enough to have a beach where you live, you can dust off and pack up at the end of the night to go get a solid night's rest.


Go To A Dog Park

If the person who's getting married is a big dog lover, throw the bachelorette party at a large local dog park and ask everyone to bring their dog, Katherine Frost, a luxury wedding planner and owner of A Frosted Affair, tells Bustle. If guests want to bring a pup but don't have one, maybe they can dog-sit a friend's for a day. "If there are walking paths, take the dogs on a long walk together," she says. "If not, just enjoy seeing the dogs all cavorting." Just be sure that you set up any snacks far enough away from the dog park that you don't tempt the cute canines into snagging a bite.


Have A Cultural Exchange

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If the person getting married doesn't really want to be the center of attention during their bachelorette party, incorporate sharing into the event. "Ask guests to bring a dish that is indicative of their culture," Frost says. "Each guest explains their dish to the attendees either verbally or simply on a piece of paper sitting by the dish." Of course, this works best for a party that includes guests from many different cultures, but you can also ask people to bring their prized family recipe or childhood favorite food instead. This will help everyone in attendance get to know each other better and will take some of the spotlight off of the guest of honor.


Keep Things Artsy

If typical bachelorette party activities aren't really what the person getting married wants, they might prefer going to an event that feels more like a regular night out than a wedding-specific party. "Host a poetry slam or go to one," Frost says. "Alternatively, host a wine and painting party. Purchase paint, brushes, canvases, wine, and appetizers and let the creativity flow," she says. In addition to having a totallly unique night, you'll be keeping things chill and making the priority just having fun instead of talking about the upcoming wedding. Plus, you may just walk away with a new painting.


Have A Game Night

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If the person getting married is a stay-in type of person, you can still have plenty of fun at home. Invite everyone to someone's house to play games and have snacks. Have a wine tasting contest and see who can taste the ingredients of different wines, Lynne Goldberg, a wedding and event specialist, tells Bustle. You could pull out some classic board games like Catan or Monopoly, or watch everyone get super into a stressful game of Jenga. You could even ask each guest to bring their personal favorite game, and try as many as you have time for.

No matter what direction you choose to go in while planning a chill bachelorette party, just remember that being true to what the person getting married wants is most important. As long as they're having fun and the guests are all enjoying themselves, it's sure to be a night to remember.