How To Prevent Makeup Stains On Clothes

by Miki Hayes
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Fashion and beauty are kind of like best friends. They can bring out the best in each other, they like to coordinate, and you probably don't consider one without the other. But that doesn't mean they always get along. Sometimes you need to prevent beauty products from staining clothes, and other times you need to prevent your clothes from rubbing off your precisely applied makeup. And because one can always affect the other, it almost doesn't matter whether you get dressed or do your makeup first.

However, regardless of whether your loose powder puffed all over your new blouse or the collar of your shirt smeared off your foundation when you pulled it on, you'll always end up with the same two things: Clothes that need to be cleaned and makeup that needs to be redone. But instead of having to select a new outfit or take the time to re-apply your face, there are some pretty simple tricks that will help prevent smudged makeup and stained clothes in the first place (and help quickly touch up in case an accident happens anyway). So your wardrobe and beauty products continue to play nicely, here are eight tips to try from celebrity fashion stylist, Zerina Akers:

1. Use A Clear Deodorant

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Try: Dove Clear Finish Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant, $5, Target

Deodorant marks are easily one of the most common and frustrating ways your beauty routine can foil your fashion. The easiest way to prevent those pesky white streaks from ending up all over your top when you get dressed is by using a clear-finish deodorant. Akers recommends using Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant as it won't leave white marks on 100 colors and it also won't leave your underarms feeling wet or sticky.

2. Touch Up With Dryer Sheets

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Try: Bounce Dryer Sheets, $9, Amazon

If you do end up with deodorant marks on your clothes though, the best way to remove them, says Akers, is with dryer sheets. Simply rub a fresh sheet over any marks to help erase them.

3. Try Makeup Masks

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Try: CleanTryOn Disposable Makeup Masks, $9, Amazon

If you like to do your makeup before getting dressed, Akers recommends keeping makeup masks on hand. Similar to a hairnet or shower cap, these disposable masks gently cover your face without disrupting your makeup so you can change clothes without smearing any product. If you plan on trying on clothes or know you need to change on-the-go, she also suggests keeping one in your bag just in case.

4. Carry A Stain Pen

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Try: Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen, $3, Target

Another bag necessity is a stain-remover pen, says Akers. This will help in a pinch if you notice a makeup smudge on your clothes later in the day.

5. Press Your Lips Together

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Lipstick, especially in bright and vampy shades, is one of the most stubborn makeup products that can get on your clothes. While it's generally best to wait to apply until after you've dressed, a simple yet genius trick for ensuring you don't smear any lipstick on your clothes is to press your lips together when pulling on a shirt, says Akers.

6. Use Dish Soap In A Pinch

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Try: Dawn Ultra, $1, Target

In case you do end up with a lipstick stain though, Akers says you can get it out with dish soap. "Dab the dish soap on the stain and let it sink in, rinse with warm water, and repeat as necessary," she explains. However, she does warn that this may not be a method you want to try with delicate fabrics.

7. Wear An Old Scarf

For hair products that might be sticky or powdery, avoid getting that residue on your clothes by adding a protective layer. Akers suggests draping an old scarf or towel over your shoulders "before spraying to avoid any residue that might fall onto your clothes."

8. Keep A Makeup Brush On-Hand

In the event that a clump of mascara or bit of blush or powder falls on your clothes while doing your makeup, you may not want to wipe it off with your hands as this could end up smearing the product and rubbing it deeper into your clothes. So to avoid creating a stain, Akers recommends using a clean, dry makeup brush to gently dust off any fallout. Brilliant.

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