The One Thing To Get Makeup Out Of Clothing

by Lindsey Rose Black
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Nothing is worse after a wild night out than waking up to discover you fell asleep in your clothes, and that your beloved shirt is totally covered in last night’s eyeliner. Fortunately, if you follow the one thing to get makeup out of clothing quickly and easily, your favorite shirt doesn’t have to remain wrecked forever. The hack below is one you can do all by yourself, so just try not to panic when you discover a seemingly irremovable makeup stain.

Not to be the skincare police over here, but sleeping in your makeup can be really, really bad for you. Why? In a previous article I wrote on what really happens when you fall asleep with makeup on, I shared how dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD told ABCNews, "The bottom line is that your skin uses sleep as an opportunity to recover from the day — and makeup makes that harder to do ... Leaving a layer of makeup on creates a barrier that can lead to acne." No bueno, but hey, sometimes it just happens. And sometimes when it happens, you get makeup all over the place.

For the times you do end up with makeup all over your shirt, the one thing to get makeup out of clothing is to apply the correct stain removal strategy depending on the kind of makeup stain you're dealing with. I've broken down how to get rid of the most common cosmetic stains below, so you can prepared for anything!

1. Lipstick Stains

Rubbing Alcohol, $6.99, Amazon

According to Racked, all you need to get out stubborn lipstick stains is rubbing alcohol. Just dab the stain with a cotton ball drained in rubbing alcohol until the stain is gone.

2. Mascara & Eyeliner

Pine Sol, $8, Amazon

To fight tricky mascara and eyeliner stains, a grease-cutting dish soap like Pine Sol is all you need. Dab the stain with it and water, then wash your shirt as usual.

3. Liquid Foundation

Hydrogen Peroxide, $5, Amazon

To cut through liquid foundation stains, dab the stain with a cotton ball coated in hydrogen peroxide before washing the entire garment as you normally would.

4. Powder & Eye Shadow

Makeup Remover, $17, Amazon

For powdered pigments, first try to simply blow (not rub!) the makeup off your shirt. If the stain has been rubbed in, simply dabbing makeup remover it will actually work. Once most of the stain is gone, flush the rest out with cold water.

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