Here’s How To Protect Yourself On The Unluckiest Day Of 2017, Which Is THIS WEEK

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Astrologists might be getting us prepared for the unluckiest day of the year to occur on Dec. 21, but that doesn't mean you should hide inside. There are still places to go, work to sort through and last minute holiday gifts to pick up. If you want to know how to protect yourself during the unluckiest day of 2017, don't worry — I have a guide for you here. Think about it this way: You've made it this far into 2017 — a whirlwind year we're all eager to bid farewell to — and you will make it to 2018, unlucky day or not. Furthermore, this day is only really considered to be the unluckiest because of both Saturn and the Sun's positions in the zodiac; Saturn moved into Capricorn on Dec. 19, and the Sun is set to move into the same sign on Dec. 21. Since Capricorns are set to have a rough end of the year (as famed astrologist Susan Miller tweeted rather recently), the Sun entering this sign means that all sun signs will experience rocky waters.

Dec. 21 is also the winter solstice, which means it'll be the shortest day of the year and the longest night of the year. However, even though there will be less light and it's predicted to be an unlucky day from an astrologist point of view, look at it this way: Winter solstice, historically, is a celebration of light's return. After Dec. 21 passes, days will begin to get longer minute by minute, which will start to feel like the yellow brick road to the expansive, glorious days of summer. So, even if the day is unlucky for the lot of us, keep in mind that good days are straight ahead.

Don't Make Any Sudden Moves

Astrologers predict that Dec. 21 will be one of the unluckiest days of the year because of how the planets are aligning. Neil Spencer explains that this is the first time that the Sun and Saturn will align — for the first time since 1664. While the Sun moves in Capricorn, Saturn will as well. What does this mean? Basically, don't make any rash decisions. Any big change made on this day could potentially haunt you through the next year. Practice some breathing exercises. Even if you feel restless with that end of the year, wrap things up energy, take a minute to meditate. Tomorrow is only a day away.

Write Out A List And Get Organized

The best thing to do when a lack of luck sways your way? Get organized. You're already not making any sudden movements and hopefully breathing easy. Good. Now, reports that on this day of Winter Solstice and the sun shifting into Capricorn, predicts that your energy level may be very low. To arm yourself against the depression this day could possibly usher in, the astrological site encourages us to get up and work. If we have to go to work, on ourselves and at school or work, but not make any sudden moves or decisions, it's quite therapeutic to remain organized. List out what needs to be done and map out how to achieve these goals. Listing also makes the day pass faster, which, on this day in particular you might want to have quickly end.

Download Your Favorite Podcasts

There could be a lot of waiting on Dec. 21. Which is ~just perfect~ for everyone whose decided to travel for the holiday. Feng Shui blog cautions that this day is unlucky for those expecting to get achieve anything in the near future. The blog predicts that, "your work will be delayed or you will find many obstacles till January 2018." So, in the meantime, to distract yourself from any important e-mail's you might feel the need to send during this inopportune time or the office hoopla holding you back from getting anything done, listen to some podcasts. Instead of getting caught up in the anxious energy of waiting around, get inspired by a few episodes of Radio Cherry Bombe or learn something new from This American Life. Sometimes, it can wait.

It's important to slow down every once in a while. Rush through daily events and you might find yourself making more of mess that requires more of your time. Mercury is almost direct and thankfully one unlucky day marked by Astrologists can only last 24 hours. The sun will rise on Dec. 22. And the best news? It'll linger for one minute longer.