Experts Reveal How To Easily Revive Rain-Soaked Hair

As happy as I am that we're now officially in spring and can expect the weather to start warming up, we can also expect more rain as a part of that whole "spring showers" business. But even though it's good for the plants, those droplets can ruin a 'do. So it's good to know some ways to revive rained-on hair midday. After all, you probably don't want your blowout served with a side of storm. To learn about some quick ways to save your style when there's a chance of rain, I emailed with a couple of experts.

Chaz Dean, founder of WEN Hair & Body Care by Chaz Dean, and John Redmond, Renpure Marketing Director, both let me in on some tips to make sure your tresses aren't so affected by the humidity and wetness of the rainy season. Turns out, there are actually a few products and styles you can turn to when the rain comes. All you'll need to do is keep a product or two on-hand (try transferring a small amount of product into a travel-friendly container to keep in your bag if you're wanting for space) and a hair-tie at the ready. Then just follow one or two of these five tips for making sure your 'do won't drown in the rain:

1. Use A Smoothing Serum

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Try: Vernon Francois Light Weight Styling Serum, $28, Sephora

Getting caught in the rain can often leave your hair dull and lifeless. To help diminish frizz caused by humidity, Dean recommends using a couple of drops of a smoothing serum throughout your strands. Not only will this quickly tame your tresses, but it will also add back some much-needed shine and nourishment.

2. Try A Replenishing Mist + Top Knot

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Try: WEN Spring Cherry Blossom Replenishing Treatment Mist, $40, Chaz Dean

To renew limp, humidity-attacked hair, Dean also suggests spritzing a treatment mist throughout your locks. Once you've doused your strands with a moisturizing and restorative essence, tie 'em up into a top-knot while your hair air-dries. After a few hours, you can release your hair for beachy, relaxed waves.

3. Or A Light Oil + Ponytail

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Try: Moroccanoil Moroccanoil Treatment Light, $34, Sephora

For a slightly sleeker style post-rain, Redmond recommends applying a natural, light-weight oil, and pulling your hair back into a tight ponytail. This, he says, will give back some moisture and control to your 'do.

4. Add Some Texture

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Try: Renpure Coconut Water Sea Salt Spray, $8, Target

If you'd rather embrace some natural texture after being caught in a spring shower though, both experts recommend using a texturizing spray. Dean says to spray on one liberally, and then "flip your hair back and forth to enhance natural wave, curl, and texture." Redmond adds that it will help "transform your hair from 'caught in the rain' to 'just left the beach'."

5. Opt For Curl Defining Gel

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Try: DevaCurl Light Defining Gel, $44, Ulta

If you have really curly hair though, Redmond recommends smoothing on a gel, as it will help add back bounce, conquer frizz, and bring curls back to life.

Because a little rain shouldn't drown out your style.