Seeing 'Drag SOS's The Family Gorgeous IRL Is So Much Easier Than You'd Think

by Alice Broster
Channel 4/Drag SOS

If you're a fan of drag, there's one family you need to know about. With their own Channel 4 makeover documentary series and an act that draws people from far and wide, The Family Gorgeous is drag royalty. If you haven't been watching Drag SOS, which is currently airing on Channel 4, I couldn’t recommend it more. Between laughing out loud and balling like a baby, you're guaranteed to go on a journey with this show. But, as with most drag performers, seeing them perform IRL is a whole different experience. Here is how to see The Family Gorgeous in Manchester and the rest of the UK.

The Family Gorgeous is arguably one of the most famous drag families in Manchester. Made up of renowned performers Cheddar Gorgeous, Anna Phylactic, Liquorice Black, TeTe Bang, and Lill, they draw in crowds from all over the country to watch their shows.

While you may be accustomed to watching The Family Gorgeous tour the country on your TV screen, they call Cruz 101 on Manchester's Princess Street their home. Every month, on a Friday, they hold a performance night called Cha Cha Boudoir. Doors open at 11.30 p.m. and you should expect a hell of a lot of glamour, glitter, and lewks.

Channel 4/Drag SOS

While Manchester may be the base for The Family Gorgeous, they’ve been know to take their act on the road. They’ve performed in Glasgow and Belfast and the best way to keep up to date with where they are is to follow the performers and the official Cha Cha Boudoir on social media.

And, on top of that, The Family Gorgeous have a particularly exciting event coming up in the not too distant future. On Thursday, 1 August 2019, the queens will be taking part in a one-off special show called Drag Cleans, where the performers "will be proving that cleaning doesn’t have to be a drag, by scrubbing up for the event and serving you a cleaning-inspired ‘lip-sink’ battle," according to the event page. "Expect sassy dance routines, sharp comedy, and an evening of incomparable entertainment," it continues. Yes please. Hosted by method, tickets cost £10 and 100% of those proceeds will go towards the work happening at LGBT Foundation, a national charity delivering advice, support, and information services to those in the community.

Channel 4/Drag SOS

Drag SOS sees The Family Gorgeous invite individuals who are struggling with their confidence or who just want to learn more about the world of drag to their drag lab, where they are taught everything there is to know about the art form. With the help of Cheddar, Anna, Liquorice, TeTe, and Lill, as well as dance coach Astina Mandela and legendary performer Donna Trump, the Drag SOS contestants learn how to walk and talk, dance, and get ready for potentially the biggest performance of their lives. It's a real crash course from the pros.

Speaking about the show in a statement, head of the family, Cheddar Gorgeous said:

“Whether you’re male, female, straight or gay, old or young, drag is all about finding your most glamorous route to self-confidence. We all have a past, our own stories and drag is the most fabulous way to celebrate ourselves. People have come to us for all kinds of reasons, from bereavement to poor body image, drag is all about establishing identity and putting it centre stage.”
Channel 4/Drag SOS

There is no denying that what Cheddar Gorgeous and The Family Gorgeous does is artistry. And, on top of that, it’s joyful and so much fun.

It’d seem that the best way to see The Family Gorgeous do their thing is by making the pilgrimage to their home on Princess Street in Manchester. You can catch all the details of their upcoming shows on social media and you better be ready for a wild night.