How To Set Up A Google Alert For Political Issues

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If the first week of Donald Trump's presidency is anything to go by, the next four years are going to be more than a little hair-raising. It might be tough to sift through the news for issues that mean the most to you without missing anything, but that's where learning how to set up a Google alert comes in. The feature sends you emails whenever new results for a topic appear on Google, so you can easily keep up with the political issues that matter to you. (Or maybe you just want to know what Kylie Jenner is up to at all times. Or both, because you're well-rounded like that.)

During his campaign, Trump promised to make sweeping changes to Washington, and so far, he's kept his delicate hands busy signing off on all kinds of executive orders: Among others, he signed an order threatening to pull federal funding from "sanctuary" cities who shelter undocumented immigrants, reinstated the "global gag rule" banning nongovernmental organizations who receive American aid from counseling patients about abortion, and wants to get the ball rolling on that absurd wall of his. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a poll from Quinnipiac University showed that Trump's approval rating after his first week in office is just 36 percent; 44 percent said they disapprove of his first week. Incidentally, this is a time usually known as the honeymoon period.

Presidential transitions are always hectic, but even when things slow down, it's important not to miss news about important political topics. With that in mind, here's how to set up a Google alert so you can keep track of the issues that matter to you the most — and then take action.


Head to Google Alerts

First, head over to the Google alerts webpage.


Enter The Topic

In the search bar at the top of the page, enter a phrase for the topic you want to keep an eye on. Like any search phrase, it's best to keep it simple — I chose "environmental protection agency" because the whole "rogue National Park Service" business is giving me life.


Check Out Options

Before creating an alert, check out the "options" menu, which lets you change the frequency of the alerts, their sources, and so on.


Create The Alert

Hit "create alert," and you're done!