How To Have A Productive Memorial Day If You're Staying At Home This Year

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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How To Spend Your Memorial Day Holiday Productively

Every year, I get this anxiety before Memorial Day, because I want to have big plans in place. I want to throw a rooftop party with sparklers, I want to have a beach picnic with all of my friends, I want to go on a mini road trip to some national monument and I also want to find time to swap out my winter clothes for spring clothes and organize my entire apartment. But the reality is, I spend most Memorial Days on the couch, marathoning TV and scrolling through my social feeds to see all the cool things that everyone else is doing but that I didn't have the time or money to take part in.

But being busy, scrapped for cash, or unable to leave your house is not a reason to sit out on Memorial Day and let the holiday weekend pass you by on the couch. I mean, sure, if you've been meaning to watch an entire series in one weekend, that might ring as productive for you, but if there are things that need doing around the house, find the will to do them! Don't let the fact that you're not on a beach or running around with sparklers keep you from getting things done.

Besides, coming out of Memorial Day weekend with a better organized home and mind will set you ahead of all the beach goers and party throwers. Here are a few ways to have a productive Memorial Day:

Catch Up With Yourself


Take some time to journal and really check in with yourself. Write about what you've been up to, what's stressing you out and what you're looking forward to.


Pick up a book and try to read it from cover to cover. Spend the whole weekend getting immersed into the story. You'll feel so accomplished when you're done.

Swap Your Wardrobe

Actually go through your closet and take out all of your winter clothes. Put them in storage bins and out of sight. You'll feel so much more flexible and lightweight.

Brighten Up Your Home


Take all the heavy blankets off the beds, get rid of the dark linens and make things bright and airy. Maybe that means adding some plants or swapping out your dark winter curtains for light summer blinds.

Clear Your Inbox

This sounds boring but you'll feel so much better after you do it. Go through all of your emails and make sure you've deleted the garbage and responded to the messages you've been putting off.

Cook To Celebrate

Now that you've cleaned your home, your inbox, and your mind, look up a recipe you've been meaning to learn and cook a feast for yourself. You deserve it.

Do Yoga


Now that you've helped yourself and your friends, take some time to get zen. Clear your mind and enjoy some peace, quiet and good stretching. You'll go back into the work week feeling amazing.

Help A Friend

It's good karma. Get in touch with your friends and see if anyone needs help. Whether it's helping someone paint a dresser or talking them through a stressful issue, offer your assistance to others.

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