How To Celebrate Memorial Day Solo

by Cecily Trowbridge

Though holidays are more traditionally spent getting wild and reckless with a few good friends, spending Memorial Day alone isn't unheard of. Perhaps you have far too much on your plate at the moment and are more in favor of taking the three-day weekend to catch up on work or projects. Maybe your friends aren't around, or have plans the likes of which you're not incredibly excited to partake. You could be sober, rendering every holiday of this nature a small struggle. Whatever the case, Memorial Day can be fun, fulfilling, and productive when you're on your own.

It's easy to fall into the trap that is the requisite barbecue, pool party, or beach bonfire. Why not switch it up this year and wake up without a blinding headache and an inexplicable drive to invest in Pedialyte stock a la Miley Cyrus? In all seriousness, though, we've all been in a situation where we either didn't have anyone to spend festivities with, or didn't have anyone we actually wanted to spend festivities with; regardless of the exact scenario, let's not forget that you are the best person in existence, and having a great time by yourself is par for the course. To help you on your way, however, here's how to take advantage of your very solo Memorial Day.

1. Stock up on the edible goods: food, of course

A three-day weekend all to yourself? This means food, food, and more food. Eat whatever your heart desires without abandon, as you're not condemned to judgment or typical, "How much can I eat at this party without looking like a slob?" paranoia.

2. Take a moment to salute our veterans, because they're more than just the reason you're not working

Stuffing a long weekend with an excess of alcohol and ridiculousness often means pushing to the side the true reason we have this time free. The breadth of the purpose of this holiday runs deep. It's meant for us to remember any person who has lost their life in the armed forces. So while we spend a great amount of time laughing and celebrating, the holiday itself is no laughing matter.

3. Rent yourself a room, and bask in the change of scenery

Why not treat yourself? Check out the best Memorial Day Airbnbs, head out to a small bed and breakfast in the country, or jet to the closest city for some bright lights. Whichever you choose, you'll be utilizing the time off to recharge your mind solo, which is incredibly beneficial. It's vital that we get space to ourselves, a luxury that can be arduous to make room for.

4. Spend a day on the beach — just you, a book, and the waves

Search your area for what's likely to be the least-populated body of water. Quick tip: it'll probably be the one that's farthest from any fireworks shows or large resorts.

5. Volunteer with a local veterans organization

If you're feeling extra grateful and want to put this spare time to good use, research non-profits and city resources that directly benefit veterans. Head on over and offer up your time, free of cost. You'll walk out feeling so much better than those 12 beers, four hot dogs, and untold amounts of barbecue Lays will ever allow.

Images: Arol Viñolas/Flickr; Giphy (5)