How To Stay Hydrated Without Drinking Water

The general suggestion we all know and ~don't follow~ (is that just me?) when it comes to staying hydrated is to drink eight glasses of water a day. But, who remembers to do that? Especially if you don't feel thirsty all the time? Thanks to research, we know there are a few ways you can hydrate yourself other than just drinking water, so you can at least keep those eight glasses a day interesting.

As I mentioned, I am not exactly the poster child for getting eight glasses of any liquid in in a day. It takes a very conscious effort, including a to-do list, for me to even finish three glasses. It's not that I don't like water, or consider it a chore, because I am a fan of H2O. But sometimes I want something a little more ~inspiring~ to help me ward off dehydration.

It's crucial to keep your body full of fluids. If you fuel your body with fluids you help your system fight off pesky nuisances like headaches and fatigue. Those eight glasses, while seemingly daunting, are crucial. And if they don't have to all be water, it can actually seem achievable. At least for me, because I think I am capable of drinking a pint of tea in under an hour. If you need to up your intake, try something new.