Here’s How You Can Stream ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 1 For Free *Right Now*

by Savannah Walsh
Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/courtesy of HBO

In Monterey, knowing the latest gossip is the strongest currency you can have. So, before watching Season 2 of the hit HBO series Big Little Lies, it's completely necessary to do a rewatch. (Or if for some unearthly reason you've never seen the Emmy-winning show, now is your chance to dive in.) For just this weekend only, here's how to stream Big Little Lies Season 1 for free. On the HBO YouTube Channel, those looking for a refresh or catch-up of the cultural phenom can access all seven episodes of Season 1 at no cost for this weekend May 10-12, according to a press release provided to Bustle.

It's the perfect time to uncork a bottle of white and settle in for one of the most marathon-able TV series in recent years. In fact, BLL was based off of the 2014 Liane Moriarty novel of the same name and only meant to be a limited series. But after the world got a taste of the killer ensemble of women that is Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, Zoe Kravitz, and (soon-to-be in Season 2) Meryl Streep, it was virtually impossible to end the show forever.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed news of a Season 2 of BLL in December 2017 and it has been a long wait. But with the June 9 release date a little under a month away and a new trailer to analyze every second of, it's never been a better time to relive the secrets that started it all.

In sneak peeks of Season 2, the core women at the center of Monterey's social scene and, soon, scandals are branded "the Monterey Five." That's Madeline (Witherspoon), Celeste (Kidman), Jane (Woodley), Renata (Dern), and Bonnie (Kravitz). On the surface, the women seem to be leading idyllic upper-class lives where the carpool drive includes oceanfront views and most of the conflict seems to be between moms over who will play chaperone to their kids' field trips.

But as is true for most things, appearances are often not what they seem in Season 1. The one common denominator between the five women is that they each have a child in the same first grade class at a cushy Monterey private school. First drama begins to simmer when Renata's daughter accuses Jane's son (who is new to Monterey) of hitting her. What begins as a simple schoolyard disagreement soon skyrockets into an expose of the underpinnings of this community. Everything from domestic abuse to infidelity to sexual abuse plagues the lives of these women.

Viewers were captivated with where the conflicted was headed next. One minute a dark secret was being exposed, the next a campy Audrey Hepburn-inspired fundraiser was taking place. That event proved to be the very backdrop to a crime committed by all five women that put a seemingly finite ending on the series. But if there's anything destined to give a story new life, it's the arrival of Meryl Streep to the neighborhood, playing Mary Louise Wright in Season 2. She's the mother of Perry (Alexander Skarsgard), Celeste's husband. And if the latest trailer is any indication, she won't be lied to without getting answers of her own.

A critical and ratings success, Big Little Lies made an utter splash when it originally debuted. So, as you nervously count down the days until Season 2 and the wine you'll be drinking to watch it, treat 'yo self to a Season 1 binge. In the words of the all-knowing Madeline Martha Mackenzie, "I love my grudges. I tend to them like little pets." So, go ahead, tend to your BLL obsession.