Here's Where to Stream All The Golden Globe Nominated Movies

On Monday, the nominations for the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced. Now that we know which films are nominated, you might be wondering where you can stream the Golden Globe nominated films. While many are still in theaters, thankfully, there are some you can watch from the comfort of your own home, too.

The nominations were announced by actors Alfre Woodard, Kristen Bell, Sharon Stone, and Garrett Hedlund in a Facebook Live stream on Monday morning, and came almost a month before the award show airs. The Globes will take place on January 7, 2018, which means there's still time to catch up. If you didn't have a chance to get out to a movie theater, there's still time. Many of the nominees premiered in late fall and early winter, meaning they are still playing in a theater near you. If you miss the opportunity, that's OK too, because the year is 2017 and there will be ways watch at home.

Movie lovers will want to be in the know for this year's award season. It's been an interesting year for film, and it's particularly difficult to predict which films will win. There are clear contenders: Greta Gerwig's unique and critically acclaimed Lady Bird is nominated in many categories, as are Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water and Steven Spielberg's The Post.

If you want to start making predictions, here are potential places to stream this year's films. There are only a few out there so far:

Boss Baby, nominated in the animated category, is available on Netflix. The historical documentary Mudbound, for which Mary J. Blige is nominated for a supporting role, is also available on the streaming platform. If you have HBONOW or HBO GO, you can stream Get Out right away.

Many of the nominated films were released in late fall or early winter, and some of these movies haven't yet been distributed to major cities. This is good news for movie theater fans, less so for those who prefer to stream movies aat home. If you want to stream these movies, the wait will be a bit longer until these films leave theaters.

It's difficult to predict whether the Globe nominated movies will be available to stream before the show on January 7. Yet a few of these movies do have close ties to streaming platforms, and there's a good chance subscribers will have access to these films as soon as possible. For example, the production studio A24 is having an enormous year. A24 is behind a handful of the nominated films, including Lady Bird, The Florida Project, and The Disaster Artist. Amazon Prime Video signed an exclusive multi-year streaming agreement with A24 in 2013, which they extended last year. It's therefore in the platform's best interest to continue to work closely with the production company, and likely many of A24's nominated films will be streaming during or after award season.

In recent months, Netflix has expanded it's roster of animated content. It's difficult to predict where nominees in the animated category will be placed, but odds are high the platform will at least be given rights to Coco. If Disney launches an exclusive streaming platform the relationship between the two companies could change, but for now Netflix seems to have dibs on major launches. For example, the live-action Beauty and the Beast and Moana went straight to stream on the platform. Amazon and HBO both have their respective departments just for kids, so it's difficult to know where non-Disney nominees like Ferdinand and Breadwinner will be placed.

It's also tricky to predict where and when major nominees in the drama and comedy categories will be available to stream. Fox Searchlight is behind several nominees including Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri andThe Shape of Water, but they don't have a known partnership with a streaming service at this time. 20th Century Fox, their parent company, deals exclusively with Hulu, but this only concerns television rights at this time.

Many of the other nominated films were produced by smaller companies. , such as I, Tonya, Baby Driver, and Battle of the Sexes. The success of these movies might lead their production houses to strike exclusive contracts in the future, but for now it's hard to predict where the films will be placed to stream.

There's still time if you want to catch these movies a good old-fashioned theater. If there's a nominated movie you must see definitely get out to a theater, since it may not be available to stream anytime soon. The trip to see one of these potentially award-winning movies will be worth it — even if you have to change out of your pajamas!