11 Ways To Survive The Unluckiest Day Of The Entire Year (AKA Tomorrow)

Ashley Batz / Bustle

2017 is finally almost over, and I’m sure most of us our counting down the days to the New Year. However, if you though the worst day of the year has long passed, you should seriously prepare for tomorrow. According to current astrological predictions, the Winter Solstice — which occurs tomorrow on Dec. 21 — will be the unluckiest day of the year. The Winter Solstice is the day during the year with the fewest hours of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere, due to the tilt of the Earth. Though the Winter Solstice is celebrated across the globe by different communities, this it coincides with several astrological phenomenons that can apparently wreak havoc on your life. How to survive Dec. 21 is a question sure to be on everyone's mind as we enter the literal worst day of 2017.

In addition to Dec. 21 supposedly being the unluckiest day of the year, Mercury Retrograde is not over until Dec. 22. According to the Astrotwins, Mercury Retrograde could cause “conversations could devolve into endless ethical debates or escalate into shouting matches where everyone wants to be right,” as well as cause travel and technology disruptions. However, there are ways to keep astrology and the stars from messing with your life, relationships, and work. Here are 11 ways to survive the unluckiest day of the entire year (aka, tomorrow).

Think positively

No, really. It has been scientifically proven that the power of positive thinking is real, and that optimism is better for your overall wellness. Sometimes, the best way to avoid unlucky things from happening is to not expect them to happen in the first place. Don't let the unluckiest day of the year psyche you out.

Don't plan any large events or make any large life decisions.

If you truly believe the Winter Solstice will negatively affect you, don't make too many plans, and especially don't decide on any life-changing events like proposing, or changing career paths. Just stick to your regular schedule, and you should be able to make it to Dec. 22 unscathed.

Practice self-care

If your stress is through the roof over all the possible things that could go wrong tomorrow, practice some self-soothing coping skills. Better yet, choose some self-care activities that are friendly to your budget, and allow you to chill out at home so no mishaps occur.

Get any work or goals accomplished ahead of tomorrow

Jayashree Bose, a feng shui consultant and writer, suggested in a blog post not to make any big decisions about work, or set yearly resolutions on the unluckiest day of the year. Do yourself a favor if you want to survive tomorrow, and get anything important done ahead of time. Even if you are skeptical, it's better to be prepared for the worst.

Keep your activities to a minimum

Since astrologers believe anything (and everything) could possibly go haywire, don't do anything other than obligations like work. Seriously — if you needed an excuse to spend a night at home, binging Netflix, the unluckiest day of the year is a good one.

Purposefully do something good or kind

Studies suggest doing good things for others actually makes you feel happier. So, instead of fixating on the potential chaos during the Winter Solstice, set a goal to donate to an organization you believe in tomorrow, or volunteer. It may seem small, but investing your energy is something that makes you feel content may make the unluckiest day of the year fly by fast.

Make a checklist so everything goes as planned

Writing to-do lists are a helpful practice for any day of the year, but could be especially useful on the Winter Solstice. That way, you can ensure you don't overlook any minor, unlucky inconveniences — like forgetting to fill up your gas tank, or sending out a last minute present for the holidays.

Create a back-up plan

No one wants to be ill prepared, especially on the unluckiest day of the year. So, create a back up plan in case something doesn't pan out, or your original plan falls through.

Avoid Travel

Travel can already be an anxiety-provoking, so don't stress yourself out unnecessarily with traveling on the Winter Solstice. But if it is unavoidable, take small cautionary steps to make the trip happen with ease.

Back up your hard drive or phone

If you're like me — constantly hitting "ignore" on the Cloud storage reminder on your iPhone — you may want to think twice about slacking on the solstice. Save your photos, memories, and work documents in an external hard drive or a cloud-based backup service so you don't accidentally lose them if technology goes haywire tomorrow.

Postpone any contract signing

Signing contracts, like a lease or anything at work, should be avoided on the Winter Solstice. It's probably not the best choice to sign a binding document on a day that's predicted to be heinously unlucky.

Whether or not you believe in astrology, being prepared is always better than not. If you can make it through the unluckiest day of the year, then 2018 will be just around the corner.