How To Use MAC's Upcoming Rollerwheel Liquid Liner, Courtesy Of A MAC Artist — VIDEO

There's a new black eyeliner innovation on the horizon. As someone who is obsessed with black eyeliner and is unashamed to operate off the principle that you can never, ever have too many black liners, I have been following the online buzz about MAC's upcoming rollerwheel liquid eyeliner. The liner looks like a pizza cutter and promises 360-degree precision lining.

Since the outer, cat-eye flick can be quite difficult to master and because MAC Cosmetics is known for its innovations and its quality, I already know this product will be special.

But I would be lying if I said it looks easy to use. I mean, employing something resembling a pizza cutter... near your eyes? My excitement was tempered by apprehension.

Then, Ashley Rudder, a Global Senior Makeup Artist for MAC, posted an Instagram video of herself using the liner. And yes, it's everything.

In her Insta caption, Rudder admits this was a bit of an impromptu and raw video, but that doesn't matter! It shows her getting ready and using the product without too much prep, trickery, or sorcery.

OMG you guys! It makes a perfectly straight, upper lashline-hugging straight line and the flick? It's rad AF.

Check out the liner itself and then Rudder's video and prepare to fall in love.

Rudder revealed in this post that the Rollerwheel Liner will be available for Fall and Winter of this year. That means we have a few months to wait.

Rudder shared that she used the black version with the shiny finish, but that there are flat black and flat brown versions, too. She also revealed that the rollerwheel works fast. She promised to update us on the transfer factor, since she has oily lids. I know that problem well and cannot wait to see her followup post, which hasn't been shared as of press time.

She lined her eye from the inner to outer corner.

The precision is undoubtedly a mix of her skill and the tool. But the tool should make the task easier and help the user improve their skillz.

I'm in total awe over the straightness of the line.

That flick, though!

The cat-eye and winged liner look is a classic, but it isn't the easiest to pull off. It looks like the MAC Rollerwheel liner could be a Holy Grail. It may take a little practice to get used to it, but I am already hooked and cannot wait to try (and trial and error) it.

Images: Ashley Rudder/Instagram (6)