Cara Delevingne & Orlando Bloom's New Fantasy Show Will Fill That 'GoT' Shaped Void

If you're missing Game Of Thrones (and who isn't), I have some good news for you: there's a new fantasy drama in town... and it looks absolutely golden. Carnival Row, which stars Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom, has a little bit of everything: action, fantasy, and a brilliant love story. Here are all the important details you need to know about the upcoming show, including how to watch Carnival Row in the the UK.

Carnival Row features a pixie cropped Cara Delevingne as Vignette Stonemoss, a faery who lives in a fictional Victorian town inhabited by "mythological immigrant creatures" who had before lived in exotic homelands that humans then invaded. Man and mythological creature attempt to co-exist, but the faeries struggle as they are forbidden to do many things, including flying freely or beginning relationships with humans.

The latter begins to cause an issue for Vignette, who quickly falls in love with human detective, Rycroft Philostrate (played by Orlando Bloom). The two must navigate a world where their relationship is taboo, dealing with outside threats that threaten their love as well as their existence. Things only become more complicated when a series of murders hit the Victorian town, to which Rycroft is assigned to solve.

As well as Delevingne and Bloom, the show stars other recognisable faces, including Misfits' Karla Crome, Interstellar's David Gyasi, Mad Men's Jared Harris, and Game of Thrones' Indira Varma.

If this all sounds bloody brilliant, which it sure does to me, the good news is that we don't have all that long to wait for its arrival. The series is set to arrive on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 30 August 2019. Even more excitingly, Amazon has already renewed the show for a second season before the first has even been released. We love the confidence, guys.

Check out the trailer below to see what all the fuss is about:

Both Bloom and Delevingne have discussed how the series addresses real life issues surrounding immigration and prejudice.

It’s really talking about immigration and refugees and classism and sexism, racism and elitism,” Delevingne told Variety, while Bloom echoed these thoughts at Comic Con, explaining that the series "addresses a lot of what we are experiencing today but with the added component of a fantasy period.”

He continued: “We can explore these issues that are going on in the world today with a kind of empathy and objective quality that doesn’t feel like it’s banging you over the head."

Delevingne has also spoken about her character's sexuality previously, explaining that Vignette is actually pansexual.

"I’m a pansexual faerie,” she told Variety while at Comic Con.

“All faeries generally are,” she added. “They don’t see gender. It’s all about who they are and their hearts. A lot of the things that weren’t written in the script, we made them so. Obviously, I didn’t say, ‘I want to be a pansexual faerie,’ but it made sense that all faeries kind of just love who they love.”

Carnival Row begins on Friday 30 April on Amazon Prime Video.