Why It Might Be A While Before Hulu's 'Reprisal' Is Available In The UK


Get ready to experience another kickass female lead, because Hulu's Reprisal follows femme fatale Katherine Harlow (played by Abigail Spencer) who is on a revenge-fuelled mission against her brother. The series is set to premiere on Dec. 9 in the U.S., but you'll want to know how to watch Reprisal in the UK because this is one series you don't want to miss.

As seems to be the trend with American shows, there's not much word on whether Reprisal will make its way to UK telly just yet. I've contacted a Hulu rep to see whether there's any inkling that it will be available across the Atlantic, but have yet to hear back. I've also dropped reps for Channel 4 and Amazon Prime a line, seeing as Hulu shows The Handmaid's Tale and The Act were made available through their services a few months after airing in the States. No reply as yet on that front either.

Despite this, it's hard not to get excited for this tense drama after Hulu dropped its first trailer on Nov. 5. Described by the streaming service as a "hyper-noir story", Reprisal follows femme fatale Katherine Harlow (played by Abigail Spencer) who is seeking vengeance against her brother and his gang who chained her to the back of a truck and dragged her across a field.


The original series was penned by Josh Corbin, who has been working on getting his series to the small screen for ten years, as IGN reports. "My number one priority is telling a story about the human condition," he told the entertainment site. "I think that's what makes any good fantasy tale work — no matter where or when you set it — it's all about human beings. That's it."

Reprisal seems to be set in the 1950s, with a beautifully composed Americana aesthetic. However, Corbin wanted to create a sense of ambiguity by not disclosing the era. "We don't know what time period we're in, and our characters sure as hell don't either."

Even though the series doesn't debut till December, from what's been shown so far demonstrates familiar vibes of directors like David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino, the latter being a major influence on Corbin. "There was a man named Quentin who sat down and created this thing that had completely changed my life," he said. "And that was when I realised that telling stories on the screen was what I wanted to do... Tarantino has absolutely been a significant influence."

You can experience a teaser for what the series will entail by watching the official trailer for Reprisial.