This When You'll Find Out About June's Fate In 'The Handmaid's Tale'

The Handmaid's Tale is only getting increasingly brutal, and season three is on its way whether you can stomach it or not. I'm still a bit shook from the season two finale, but, like a bad hangover, the only thing that'll make me feel better is some more of The Handmaid's Tale. Now a trailer for the upcoming season has been released, which looks even more grim than I was anticipating, I'm desperate to get swept up in the drama and dimness once more. June's coming back, but when is The Handmaid's Tale season three out in the UK?

I'm not sure what I found more disturbing at the 2019 Super Bowl: Adam Levine's tattoos or the trailer for the upcoming season of The Handmaid's Tale, which premiered during an ad break. Either way, I woke up feeling weird on Monday.

Hype for the dystopian show's third season has been accumulating ever since Hulu announced that they were renewing the show back in May, 2018, as Cosmopolitan reported. Now the trailer's got everyone into a frenzy again. "It's morning again in America," we hear a friendly narrator say over scenes of pastoral loveliness. However, the narrator, the scenes, and the theme music soon become increasingly more disturbing. "Wake up, America. Morning's over," June tells us.

The trailer shows June living among the Gilead colony, making fans even more desperate to know the answer to one important question: will she ever see freedom again?

But, even more importantly, us British fans want to know: when will UK viewers get to find out her fate? Probably not for a while, unfortunately. But, The Handmaid's Tale has a pretty reliable schedule, so I think I have a good idea of when it might air over here. Season two's trailer was also first teased at the 2018 Super Bowl, as Bustle reported, and, like its previous season, it aired on Hulu the following April, and came to the UK via Channel 4 just a month later, according to Den of Geek. Digital Spy reports that fans can expect a similar timetable for season 3. So, do you reckon you can wait until May? Yeah, me neither, but we might have to. How very dystopian.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not much info about season three has been given away as of yet, but showrunner Bruce Miller assured the Hollywood Reported on Jan. 15, 2018, that he wouldn't be straying too far from Margaret Atwood's original novel. In his mind, he had already "roughed out" the source material "to about 10 seasons." Does this mean we're getting seven more seasons after the upcoming third!? I hope so.

It's definitely not unlikely. Even with the increased gruesomeness of The Handmaid's Tale, there's been an increased viewership rate. On May 2, 2018, Indie Wire reported that season two brought in double the amount of viewers as the previous season. So, at that rate, the whole world's going to be locked into season 10 of The Handmaid's Tale, right? Will June be free by that point? I'm not sure, but I'll happily sit through eight more seasons in order to make that happen.