'Real Housewives' Fans Will Be Hooked On This Drama-Filled Socialite Reality Show

by Lauren Sharkey

Fed up with Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Can't deal with another season of Love Island? Tired of Geordie Shore? Well, the UK isn't the only place churning out reality shows. The U.S. has plenty of people willing to show the ins and outs of their lives on camera. (And I'm not just talking about the ever-growing Kardashian clan.) Instead, explore the south of the country via Southern Charm. With brand new Southern drama about to hit U.S. screens, you may be wondering how to watch Southern Charm season 6 in the UK. Luckily, there is a way.

The series — which is set in Charleston, South Carolina and began in 2014 follows a bunch of socialites as they go about their everyday lives. Of course, like most reality shows, the cast's everyday lives are a little different from the average person's. Instead of spending their time sat in an office and watching Netflix, the South Carolina cast revel in money, parties, and general drama. "Booze, bad-mouthing, and bad behaviour" is how a reporter from the Charleston Scene described them.

In the U.S., the show airs on Bravo. Unfortunately, the channel isn't easily available to watch in the UK. But, thanks to the rise of streaming services, UK viewers can watch the brand new season of Southern Charm the day after it's shown in the U.S.

Hayu, not Netflix or Amazon Prime, is the streaming platform to sign up to for this particular series. It costs just £4.99 per month and is the place to go for marathon runs of the most popular reality shows. The first episode of Season 6 will air on Hayu on May 16. And if you need to catch up on the previous five seasons, they're all there for your viewing pleasure. (Alternatively, Season 2 is currently being shown on ITVBe.)

The upcoming season of Southern Charm will revolve around eight main cast members. They are real estate broker Cameran Eubanks, hairstylist Chelsea Meissner, attorney-slash-sewer Craig Conover, models Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and Naomie Olindo, and entrepreneurs Austen Kroll, Eliza Limehouse, and Shep Rose.


One former face is missing from the 2019 line-up: former politician Thomas Ravenel. As the Daily Mail reports, the 56-year-old was accused of sexual assault by his nanny. Although he has denied the charges, he is currently awaiting trial and was dropped from the show towards the end of Season 5.

Ravenel has two children with existing cast member Dennis. But, as Entertainment Tonight states, the children may not appear in Season 6 as Ravenel is suing TV channel Bravo and the series' production company, claiming that they encouraged Dennis to seek full custody "to stir up drama." Bravo has reportedly asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

Southern Charm has also spurred on two spin-off shows. In 2017, Southern Charm Savannah (set in Savannah, Georgia) aired. One year later, Southern Charm New Orleans took to screens. It seems like the Southern Charm universe is only expanding, so you'd better get watching before you get left behind.