11 Fierce Ways To Wear Tiger Print & Take Your Winter Wardrobe To The Wild Side

by Lauren Sharkey

Animal print has been a trend for decades. While leopard print may be most people's first choice, it's not the only option available to fashion fans. The high street has been inundated with another — and even fiercer — jungle pattern. If you're wondering how to wear tiger print, look to the following items for inspiration.

Cast your mind back to the AW18 catwalks and you'll remember tiger print popping up here, there, and everywhere. Givenchy took the trend and made it monochrome and furry while Bottega Veneta adopted a more traditional look.

High street retailers have chosen two distinct sides of the trend too: the standard and the unique. People who prefer a low-key look may look to the former while those wanting a little more pizzazz may choose green tiger print, for example. And before you ask, yes, that does exist.

There are knits, cardigans, and flares for the winter and satin skirts, slip-on shoes, and airy dresses for the spring and summer months. The beauty of tiger print is that you have the freedom to pair it with absolutely anything, whether that's neutral hues or another form of animal print.

Now's the time to go truly wild.


And if tiger print's not your thing, there's always cow print.