A Klaroline 'TVD' Spinoff Could Totally Work

Annette Brown/The CW

The last few minutes of The Vampire Diaries' series finale, "I Was Feeling Epic," left fans reeling. And, no, it wasn't because (spoiler alert) Damon and Elena got their happy ending, or because Caroline and Stefan didn't. The relationship bombshell that had fans screaming was what happened between Caroline and Klaus. Caroline and Klaus — or Klaroline, as they're known — shared a very promising scene in the TVD season finale, which promised the potential for more interaction to come. Klaus currently stars on his own TVD spinoff show, The Originals, but his presence (via voice over) in the TVD finale suggested the possibility of something else: a Klaroline spinoff. But just how would a Klaroline spinoff work?

Well, for starters, a Klaroline-centric series doesn't really seem in the cards right now. As it stands, The Originals and The Vampire Diaries are on completely different timelines thanks to a time jump in Season 7 of TVD. So before anything can happen with Klaus and Caroline, The Originals needs to catch up to TVD. Once the The Originals finally does catch up, that's when the idea of a Klaroline spinoff gets interesting. The easiest way to make a Klaroline spinoff happen is to have Caroline show up on The Originals. Though she has appeared in episodes before via emotional Klaroline phone calls and short cameos, she's never actually been in New Orleans on Klaus' arm. So, adding Caroline to The Originals would provide fans with a whole new way of looking at Klaus and Caroline together.

If we are to see Klaus and Caroline onscreen together again. However, TVD creator Julie Plec has teased the possibility of yet another spinoff. "Of course, I have laid the groundwork in the [TVD series] finale itself for future expansion of the universe," Plec told Bustle. One such possible show: the story of Alaric and Caroline opening the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted (aka the supernatural). If Caroline and Alaric get their own spinoff, then that certainly presents an entirely new host of possibilities for Klaroline's future.

So, there you have it. There are two ways for a Klaroline spinoff to occur: 1) Caroline joins The Originals, or 2) Caroline has her own spinoff that Klaus then joins. (One might imagine that Klaus packs up his bags at the end of The Originals and leaves New Orleans to take his daughter to the Salvatore School.) As you can see, there are plenty of different ways we could get a Klaroline spinoff, but here are seven things we need to see when it happens.

Klaus Seduces Caroline In New Orleans

Klaus and Caroline have never really been on a proper date. One where Caroline truly wants to be there, that is. We all know Klaus is a romantic, and I for one need to see what he might plan for a night out with Caroline.

Klaroline In Battle

When Caroline and Klaus have fought together, against a common enemy, it's always been a somewhat reluctant alliance. It would be awesome to see them fighting off a new big bad together, especially if they're not saving each other.

Caroline Joins The Mikaelsons

How awesome would it be to see Caroline join the Mikaelsons in New Orleans? Sure there are some details to be worked out, namely what would happen to her twin girls, but the end result of having Caroline officially join the first family of vampires would be amazing.

Hope Attends The Salvatore School

I have a feeling that Hope (Klaus' daughter) will end up attending the Salvatore school, hence the massive donation Klaus gave to the facility in the TVD finale.

Klaroline Blended Family

If Hope does end up attending Caroline's school, then that opens the door for a potential blended family. Can you imagine Klaus and Caroline taking their three witch daughters to the park on Saturdays? My heart melts at the thought.

Klaroline Bickering

Obviously, Klaroline isn't Klaroline unless there's bickering. I could probably watch 45 minutes of Klaus and Caroline arguing about curtains.

Epic Love

Any future show that features both Klaus and Caroline in any way (could be an episode, or an entire Klaroline spinoff) needs to pay tribute to their epic love. After the TVD finale, fans have latched on to Klaroline as an endgame ship, so the powers that be should be ready to honor that.

Caroline is not expected to make an appearance on the upcoming season of The Originals, so fans will have to wait a bit before seeing Klaroline again onscreen. But, hey, what's a year in the grand scheme of things? I think I speak for all Klaroline fans when I say I'm willing to wait "however long it takes."