How You Can Best Show Gratitude, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

They say you should never miss an opportunity to tell someone that you love them, but I'm here to suggest that perhaps the same rule of thumb goes for telling someone that you're grateful for them. It's easy to take it for granted when your closest friends and family members go out of their way to help you out — or when they're simply awesome day in and day out — but let's commit to not taking it for granted anymore, shall we? Appreciation comes in many forms, of course, so I'm here to give you some advice on how to show gratitude, based on your zodiac sign.

While I can make no guarantees that my suggested method for your sign is the absolute ideal way for you to demonstrate your thanks, I can tell you that I've given it my very best shot with the help of AstroStyle — and I can also say quite confidently that you really can't go wrong any time you make even the smallest effort to say "thank you!" If the sign-specific idea below doesn't feel quite right for you, give another one a try! After all, is it possible to be too grateful? I think not! There's no such thing as being "extra" here, people.


You love an adventure, Aries, and you express yourself especially well through grand gestures. Plan a special night out for the friend or loved one you're feeling grateful for. It doesn't need to be anything expensive or extravagant — just a few hours of intentional quality time that give you the opportunity to show your appreciation for that important person. As an added bonus, you'll get to join in on the fun too... and I know you love that.


You appreciate the finer things — and that includes a good meal. Share your love of delicious food with someone who matters to you by preparing a low-key dinner at your house for them. There will be no doubt that you're grateful for the role they play in your life when you put a homemade meal on the table, even if your cooking skills are only so-so.


Put that stellar wit to good use with a DIY thank you card that plays to your strengths: humor and a little bit of mischief. Avoid being too sarcastic — you are trying to show your gratitude here — but don't be afraid to make the recipient laugh either. Your crazy sense of humor is probably part of what keeps them sticking around!


Sometimes, showing someone that you're thankful is as easy as, well, saying "thank you!" Cancer, you're compassionate and nurturing, so your efforts to make this a really meaningful conversation shouldn't go unnoticed as long as you speak from the heart.


You have a knack for giving (and receiving) gifts, Leo. Find the perfect gift — or turn several of them into a gift basket — to show your gratitude.


Virgos can't help but look for opportunities to help out. Why not capitalize on this natural instinct to prove your thanks? The person you want to thank most definitely has something they need help with — a task that needs to be done at home, an annoying errand that needs to be run, a dinner that needs to be organized. Stepping in to help will show them that you have their back as much as they've had yours.


Libras are known for their sincerity and charm, so I have a feeling that you're an excellent letter writer. Put pen to paper with a heartfelt letter to someone who's made a difference in your life.


You have a thing for one-of-a-kind items and a natural talent for making things. Express your gratitude in a DIY fashion with a hand-decorated picture frame, a batch of your grandmother's famous cookies, or a plate that you painted at the local pottery place.


You love a touching, inspirational story, so find a good article or short story online and send it to someone who's made a difference in your life. Bonus points if you can find a tale that's reflective of what that person has done for you IRL.


Capricorn, quality time is likely one of your love languages. Pay that love for QT forward by setting aside uninterrupted time with the someone you owe a little extra gratitude. Take a walk, grab a casual dinner, and (most importantly) put your phone down!


It may sound simple, Aquarius, but a big smile coming from you is really going to make a person feel appreciated. Be sure you're letting your attitude of gratitude show on your face!


Take a picture of you and the person in question and give it to them framed as a gift. You love a meaningful photo, and a special picture is bound to communicate your appreciation in a tangible, timeless way.