How You Should Surprise Your Mom On Mother's Day, Based On Her Sign

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Sometimes I'm the creepy chick who stays up thinking about how my mom just knew what zodiac sign I was going to be before I was born and why she picked that. I also actively think about how compatible we are based on our two signs (a Capricorn and a Virgo are both earth, so that'd explain why we both value logic so much). In any case, some of this overanalyzing can be applied to how you should surprise your mother on Mother's Day, based on her sign. No matter what your personal sign is, you can make your mom's day using hers! The good news is it's easier than ever, since the stars practically gave you a guide.

The elements play in a major role in preference when it comes to the sorts of experiences each sign values. Earth signs like Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus will want something practical, while air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius may just want to have fun and relax. Fire signs — Aries, Sagittarius, Leo — want something that will inspire them, and water signs, aka Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, want validation and love. Each zodiac sign itself will be a little different, but read on to find out how you should surprise them:


Buy her an interesting piece of jewelry online. Aries love feeling adored and adorned, so this new accessory may just add to her brand of being #queen.


Tauruses are always looking for ways to improve their lives, whether it be home improvement or personal philosophical searching — surprise her with something like a meditation class or a DIY book to get the juices flowing.


Take her on a spontaneous trip. Geminis want to be out in the world exploring, and your mom's bubbly soul will probably want to curiously find out what's around the corner.


Put most of your efforts into your handwritten card. Moms with their sun in Cancer want to feel warmth and affirmation from their loved ones, and she definitely loves her baby a whole lot. Remind her she's a special figure in your life forever, and she'll definitely cry tears of joy this Mother's Day.


Go on a girl's night with just you two. Feel free to dress up and look glam. Leo moms want to feel like friends with their children, so play that up! You guys are both adults now — go loosen up and have fun!


Help a Virgo mom clean the house. Yes, be prepared for her to be nitpicky. But it's also a total bonding experience she'll probably think about for quite some time. Virgos love acts of service and familial bonding over a common task.


If you get crafty, I guarantee your Libra mom will cherish it. They can be sort of detached, but they're secretly saps too — so once you remind them of their importance, it'll light up their Libra world.


If you confide in your intense Scorpio mother, I guarantee she'll talk back and tell you what she sees. Surprise her with a one-on-one dinner, or a hike. where you can really connect. The best way to make her feel appreciated this Valentine's Day is to spend time with only her and let her realize you're not going anywhere.


If you get a Sag mom a great book, her inner nerd is going to fly out. Sagittariuses are curious and love learning — bonus points if you get her a book about travel destinations, themed to something you already know she likes.


Take a spa day together. Your workaholic mom needs the opportunity destress, but she'll rarely initiate it herself — that's where you come in. This Mother's Day, make it happen!


Spend time with your mom just watching TV and keeping up with pop culture news. Your mom's native Aquarius is so inclined to socializing and sharing — sure, it's a low key way to spend the day, but you'll both be happy to catch up on and share opinions on sports and celeb gossip at the end of it.


Cook for a Piscean mother! They're guardians of the subconscious, which means engaging their conscious is one way they can feel cared for. It doesn't have to be fancy — even looking out for their needs in the sensory world will touch them.