2020 Is Bringing Major Relationship Changes For Each Zodiac Sign


With cuffing season in full effect, many of us are wondering how our love lives are going to pan out in the new year. Will long term relationships turn into something more substantial? Will new relationships fizzle or flourish? Though we may know who we're bringing as our plus ones to the upcoming holiday parties, what's beyond the new year is anyone's guess. How your relationship will change in 2020 depends on your zodiac sign, according to astrologers, as each sign will be inspired by the stars to seek or maintain different things.

Some relationships will go forward, and others will go elsewhere, and that's not because the future is already determined — that's because you and your lover's signs may or may not be compatible in the new year in the same way you were in 2019. On that same note, some relationships that have become tense or riddled with obstacles might become more harmonious, too. So don't fear the new year, just prepare yourself by learning what yo expect. Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about what 2020 has in store for us, romantically, and he was quick to say that according to his research, it would be a mighty and transformational year for us all. Here's how each sign will feel those vibes:

Aries (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19)

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Early on in the year, Aries will have a make it or break it moment with their partner. "A major full moon in your romantic sector highlights your passionate needs in February with an important choice regarding partnerships occurring in April. This could be when you take the next step together or walk away for good," Thomas tells Bustle. Take note of this big moment when it happens and make sure you're being clear about what you want, as your words will be taken very seriously at this time.

Taurus (Apr. 20 – May 20)

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Taurus is pretty much on their own romantic mission in 2020. According to Thomas they will be "breaking the chains of what life previously offered you," and trying going after new romantic avenues that support your newfound personal power. Worth noting that in the end of June, Thomas foresees "a fated time when you could cross paths with an ex who was a twin flame and reignite your love story if the timing has now aligned." So ready yourself for a lot of new discovery, and a chance run-in with someone from the past who might actually have a space in future, too.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

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"Relationships will be on the mind of all Gemini in 2020 because Jupiter, planet of miracles, will be in your sector of intimacy throughout much of the year," Thomas tells Bustle, so if you're in a relationship, you'll be putting a lot of energy into understanding whether it's meant to move forward or not. "You may ultimately release some relationships that have outlived their purpose or let go of patterns in current ones in order to heal moving forward," Thomas adds, going on to say that "another massive divine event occurs when eclipses begin in your marriage and partnership sector in June as well, causing a transformation in an important relationship." So a relationship that's been stuck in limbo might move into clarity at this point.

Cancer (Jun. 21 – Jul. 22)

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No big deal, but according to Thomas, Cancer will find 2020 to be one of the most pivotal years in their relationships for nearly a decade. "This is because the final chapter of the eclipses in your zodiac sign as well as sector of marriage and partnership occurs." What does this actually mean? Basically, all of the hard work you have put into your relationships is about to pay off. "Many Cancer will find their perfect match, get engaged, get married, or make gorgeous long-term plans with their significant other." So hang in there, and trust that being a good partner has not gone unnoticed.

Leo (Jul. 23 – Aug. 22)

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Leo is going to have a sexy 2020, according to Thomas, with lots of adventure in the bedroom, but serious relationship milestones won't come until summer, when "fated eclipses in your romance and fertility sector begin and will echo on throughout the year and into 2021." Enjoy the fun while you have the energy for it, as you'll likely want to settle into a more predictable love life half way through the year.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sep. 22)

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Of all zodiac signs, Virgo will be the luckiest in love throughout 2020, according to Thomas. "You have waited long for this to happen – nearly 12 years. Because of the longer trek of Saturn, planet of hardship and responsibility, in your romantic sphere since 2017, you’ve felt like all of your relationships have been a lot of hard work. Keeping the spark lit has been a struggle, so many Virgos were ready to give up. But to your rescue, the dazzling planet of miracles, Jupiter, parades on into this zone to reignite your hope." Thomas goes on to say that the first half of the year will be jam-packed with romantic happenings, and after that things will slow down and you'll have time to really sit with your feelings and think about who is really right for you, long-term.

Libra (Sep. 23 – Oct. 22)

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According to Thomas, the first half of 2020 is going to be pretty sexy for Libra, but more substantial connections and revelations might not come into play until the second half of the year. At that point, a retrograde will put a forced pause on a relationship you're exploring, and by the time you make it into the third quarter of 2020, you'll have had enough experiences with this partner to know whether or not you're strong enough to move forward. In the last month of 2020 you'll have made a really powerful choice that you'll be proud of and your romantic cards will feel in order.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

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2020 will be exciting for Scorpio, to say the least. "For committed Scorpio, your serious partner may suddenly be craving more freedom and eccentricity or if single, you may be pulled toward individuals who have a revolutionary or genius-side to them. Don’t fight the tide — embrace their free spirit because it will actually help you grow to ever more beautiful heights together," Thomas suggests. Think of this year as an educational one for your heart and explore what feels good. By the end of the year, you might not even recognize your love life, so try not to hold onto a narrow vision for yourself and just get out there.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

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According to Thomas, 2020 is less a transformational year for Sags, and more a year to realize all of the transformations you already made. 2019 changed you and your needs, and towards the second half of the year you might realize that you are "reconsidering your relationships completely or considering getting back together with a fated person from your past. The theme of the past coming back to life (or haunting you, depending on how you look at it) will continue on when Mars goes retrograde in your love sector throughout much of the second half of the year." If you're not meant to get back together with your ex, you'll learn a good lesson from them, but remember to check in with yourself and don't just go with the flow. What worked for you last year might no longer be applicable. It's your right to change, don't let anyone make you feel bad about personal growth.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

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According to Thomas, 2020, Capricorn is likely going to be one of your favorite years of your entire life, no big deal. "Jupiter, planet of miracles and blessings, resides in your zodiac sign and will remain with you throughout most of this year. This means that you are the luckiest zodiac sign on Earth." So if romance is what you want, romance is what you'll get. You're ready for it, you have a clear head, and you're open to receive it. "Give into love that is passionate, not just the kind you can control," Thomas says, as sometimes Caps get off on power. "Use 2020 to set the patterns you want to last in your coming 12 years. The light has returned to your life and it will only continue to grow. It is here to bless you and bring you such great love it could move you to happy tears," Thomas exclaims.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

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Thomas tells Bustle that Aquarius is going to be working out a lot of kinks in the new year, and not in the fun way. There's a lot going on that's no longer serving Aquarius, and that's about to change. "This could be a time when you are releasing toxic patterns or seeking closure. You also will be pondering how you want your relationships to blossom for the coming decade that follows beginning in 2021." What hasn't been working for you will be hard to ignore in the new year, and while it might lead to some tense moments or sad times, it will ultimately lead you toward a happier and healthier love life.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20)

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If you've been closed off to a big or deep love, Thomas says that's going to change in 2020. "The universe is saying that it is time for you to open your heart more deeply than ever before, so there’s no point in fighting it," Thomas tells Bustle. Open your arms to every amount of beauty the universe will offer to you, and don’t just sit waiting for it to manifest before your eyes. 2020 is a year when you have to go after the prize." So make it your goal to keep yourself open and vulnerable so that you can let in the good you deserve.

A theme you might notice for each sign is that 2019 has been a whirlwind of ups and downs and powerful lessons that most of us will still be trying to understand and learn from into this next year. Checking in with yourself regularly and being honest with yourself about what is and is not working for you is key. And, the better you are about taking action when your gut sends you a message, the better you will be at governing your love life in a healthy fashion. In 2020, it's time to trust your gut — by now you really know what your heart wants and needs.