You Could Name Huda Beauty's New Foundation

Not every day does a foundation launch cause the internet to go bananas, but that's exactly what has happened with Huda Beauty's new foundation. The secret, miracle product has yet to hit shelves, but fans are already stoked about the potential, and founder Huda Kattan has been hard at work. Now, Huda Beauty wants their fans to name the new foundation, and with fans as passionate Kattan's, the names are sure to start rolling in soon.

On Tuesday, Kattan took to the Huda Beauty Instagram page to announce that she needed fan input when it comes to naming the new product. Kattan explained that while she and her team have been working on the foundation for months, they need help coming up with a name for the product. They're asking fans to leave their perspective names in the comments on the Instagram image of Kattan rocking the new foundation on only a single side of the face.

Based on the image, it's clear that the new foundation is going to be must-have — not unlike her Rose Gold Palette and liquid lipsticks. The foundation is set to provide a full coverage finish and will launch in the fall with 25 shades. Basically, it already looks and sounds perfect.

Fans are already lighting up social media about the foundation, too. Some fans are already planning their purchases.

Even before HUDA Beauty announced fan involvement with the name of the foundation, some already had ideas.

Fans clearly can't get enough of the foundation.

Considering that part of Kattan's popularity comes from her presence on social media, using the platform to allow her fans to have input is genius. Plus, it shows how much Kattan loves them and values their input. No matter what the name of the new foundation ends up being, it's clear that Kattan and Huda Beauty create products for their fans and values their opinions.