I Tried Everything In Clarins' New Range For 18-25 Year Olds & Here's My Verdict

Louise Whitbread

French beauty brand Clarins is known for its luxurious plant-based skincare and makeup products. Some of its most famous, like the Double Serum, have earned cult status. But its new skincare range, My Clarins, is aimed at 18 to 25 year olds with more affordable prices ranging from £15 to £24. Before sharing the products I liked best, let’s delve into what you can expect from the new range.

The 9-piece line-up includes two cleansers (a gel and a milk) for double cleansing fans, an acne busting serum, three moisturisers, a hydrating face mist, an oil control mattifying stick and an overnight mask. Good news for eco-friendly shoppers, the entire range is vegan and cruelty-free, boasting 88% natural ingredients housed in recyclable packaging sourced from a sustainably managed forest. And best of all, My Clarins has launched on ASOS, so you can now shop the range with next day delivery along with those new shoes you’ve got your eyes on.

With my oily combination skin, my biggest issue is managing recurring bouts of hormonal acne, oversized pores and dehydration, so I put the collection to the test to see if the My Clarins' delivered on its promise of radiant, hydrated and healthy-looking skin.


The Cleanser

The perfect first step in removing makeup and daily grime, this creamy yet lightweight micellar milk left my skin thoroughly cleansed and feeling refreshed. Enriched with fig extract, it smells gorgeous without being overwhelmingly fragrant and didn’t leave any greasy residue which can often irritate acne-prone skin. Portable with a secure lid that didn’t allow for any spillages, it quickly became my gym bag’s best friend. It’s great if you like to keep your skincare easy and effective; simply apply to a cotton pad and swipe over the skin and voila, it leaves no traces of mascara, contouring, or even the boldest of lipsticks.


The Spritz

If you’re feeling stressed, tired or dehydrated, then a spritz of this will sort you out. The fine mist perks up fatigued skin while the blend of acerola seed, fig extract and robina flower water feels like a spa in a jar. This did not leave my side from the second I got my hands on it. I used it liberally after cleansing and to set my makeup. And as it contains 0% alcohol, it doesn’t dry skin out. I kept it front and centre on my desk for a post-lunch five second pick me up and on my bedside table for a calming bedtime burst. If you only buy one thing from the range, make it this.


The Sleep Mask

Admittedly I was skeptical, overnight masks are usually a sticky mess that gets in your hair and pillows, but not with this. This feels like a tall glass of water for your skin, I promise. While you’re catching some much-needed shuteye, this overnight mask delivers a dose of hydration that you might be lacking, thanks to central heating and the fluctuating British weather. It quickly became my go-to when my skin was feeling tight and uncomfortable and when I woke up, it felt soothed, soft and supple. The gel based formula contains acerola, fig and huang qi extract, with the latter used in Chinese medicine to support the body’s healing ability. Not to mention, the ingredients in this are 93% natural. Props to My Clarins for that.


The Pore Stick

Those with oily skin, listen up. A quick swipe of this pocket-sized stick over my T-zone worked great as a targeted primer and as a speedy mattifying top up that kept shiny skin at bay. Small but mighty, it’s perfect if you like a dewy foundation finish without the greasy residue. It smells faintly of strawberry thanks to the strawberry extract but doesn't block pores. Like the majority of the range, it’s handbag-friendly and will keep your skin looking and feeling soft but shine-free. What more could you want?


The Break Out Stick

As someone who is constantly looking for the skincare solution to the hormonal acne dotted across my chin, salicylic acid is a godsend, which is why My Clarins created this gel-based serum to ward off unwanted spots. Immediately cooling, I found after using it for a couple days that the inflammation had calmed down, thanks to the purslane extract, and there were no others popping up unexpectedly. (It’s not uncommon of me to wake up with three or four new spots on my face). I loved the narrow tube it came in too, the tiny nozzle meant I never used too much and could target blemished areas easily.


The Rest Of The Range

The second cleanser in the range came in the form of a gel. When applied to damp skin, it lathers up to remove makeup and dirt build up. When removed with a warm flannel, my skin felt soft as a baby and less congested. Enriched with meadowsweet extract and orange flower water, it’s a great grab-and-go option for a quick morning or second cleanse.

This cream-gel formula is one of the three moisturisers in the range, infused with goji berry, fig, and acerola seed extract combined with tamarind fruit acids. I found it's perfect for when you're in need of an instant hydration boost. Fortified with coconut water, it kept my skin feeling fresh while added radiance and reducing redness, making it a great basic moisturiser to keep in your skincare arsenal.

Those with dry skin should pick up a pot of this shea butter based cream. Luxuriously rich, it’s basically a more budget-friendly version of Clarins’ original day cream. TLC in a jar, if you will. The blend of goji berry and fig extract is not dissimilar to the original formula, delivering intense hydration and nourishment.

This light gel provides optimal hydration whilst controlling oil production to minimise shine. If you’re using this, you can skip the primer and head straight into your makeup bag as the smoothing mix of meadowsweet, strawberry fruit, fig, goji berry, and acerola seed extracts will hydrate and mattify at the same time. It’s a win-win.