I Tried Glossy Eyelids IRL & It Def Surprised Me

by Hatti Rex

The internet is a constant source of alternative style inspiration, especially if you're following a bunch of fashion forward bloggers on Instagram. Within a few clicks, it's not hard to find an endless collection of resource images, undiscovered designers and a thousand brand new ways to use old products.

One major trend that has championed over the past year or so is the glossy eyelid look, and not because people are putting their makeup on in a rush in the mornings and getting their facial parts confused. There are numerous ways to ensure you pull off the glossy eyelid effortlessly but I found myself wondering if the look was wearable — and actually lasts — IRL.

Barry M Coco Loco Lip Oil, $5, Barry M

It's all well and good covering your blinkers with gloss during a night out, where you can touch up your look in the bathroom mirror on a whim, but could it last through a busy work day, or would it get smeared and sticky in no time?

I figured that there was really only one way to find out: Trying out the trend myself to gauge if the look is suitable for a casual daytime look and not just for the occasional Instagram selfie.

The Application

Barry M Coco Loco Lip Oil, $5, Barry M

Taking my clear Barry M "Coco Loco" lip oil, I used the applicator wand to gently apply some gloss to my eyelids. If it was good enough for my pout, then it's good enough for my wink. At first it didn't really take, so I kept layering the product until I felt there was a decent enough shine to my eyes.

You could potentially use literally any other brand or color gloss, but I didn't want to go too overboard for my casual daytime look. Saying that, don't try this at home if your go-to lippy contains menthol or other minty scents, your eyes will be streaming for ages.

The Results

A lovely, shiny finish that isn't too overbearing or noticeable. It makes a nice change from my usual matte or glittery eyeshadows too. Naturally, just after application looks the absolute best.

One Hour Later

Yes, I was still sat in the same spot. That's the life of the freelancer for you. Clearly I was enjoying myself at this point, and had applied some more of the gloss to it's intended environment (my mouth). The glossy lid look was still going strong, with no negative side effects such as stickiness or clumpy bits. Although one of my housemates did mention that it looked as though I'd been crying. Fab.

Two Hours Later

Annoyingly, my mascara had glooped off from my eyelashes and onto my eyelid. There's something about the gloss that attracted random makeup blobs from other areas of my face to stick and make me look a bit grubby. Luckily, with a quick wipe using my finger, the marks came off immediately. I just hope that nobody had witnessed this very minor disaster before I managed to redeem my look.

Later That Evening

Guess who stuck around — pun most definitely intended. The gloss was quite clearly here to stay as it had been hours since the initial application and even after a trip to the store and many hours in front of my computer, it was still going strong. I have to say, I am rather impressed at it's wearability as I'd have thought it would've all worn off by this point.

Sometimes it's nice to be proven wrong.

End Of Day

Barry M Coco Loco Lip Oil, $5, Barry M

Here's one tired Hatti, hanging out in the bathroom before getting ready for bed. Although my foundation and lip gloss had seemingly vanished from my face, the gloss and mascara were definitely still present. Removing the gloss from my eyes was pretty straightforward too, as it came off with a quick face wash, along with the rest of my makeup.

As it turns out, wearing lip gloss on your eyelids is a lot comfier than you'd imagine and has definitely outlasted some of my more traditional eyeshadows. Definitely a trend that needs experimenting with further — and with a wide range of glosses on my wish list, the possibilities are endless.

Images: Hatti Rex