I Wore Wide Leg Pants Every Day For A Week

by Kelsey Nelson

Before you make any rash decisions and lament the fact that you "can't" wear wide leg pants, let me divulge some important facts. One: I'm a shortie. At 5'3" I always assumed wide leg pants would make me look shorter or drag on the ground. Two: I went through a phase where I would literally have to peel my skinny jeans off with so much vigor it counted as my daily workout. The words 'boot-cut jeans' floated around in my nightmares.

I'm here to let you know that wide leg pants, or "brunch pants" as one of my manager's at Buffalo Exchange calls them, are amazing — and the look can totally work for anyone, regardless of height or shape. There's no such thing as a "flattering" garment (because f**k flattering, anyways), but also, wide leg pants are just so versatile — dressed up or down, these bad boys have got tricks.

If you're on board with all that fabric around your ankles and ready to feel some sweet, sweet leg freedom, it's hard to know what to actually style them with — especially after years of tailoring your wardrobe around slim-cut jeans and pants. I get it, it's new territory — but once you start experimenting with them, they will give you life.

These wide leg pants I based this experiment around are by Ralph Lauren and currently sold out, but I like these pleated ones, these summery linen ones, and this plus size option as well — consult Google and your favorite sites for even more options. Once you've got the pants, here are seven style suggestions from yours truly — take this inspiration, and just like your hem width, know that the sky is the limit.

Monday: With A T-Shirt & Boots

Dress your pants down with a band tee and some fun boots. It doesn't matter if you know the band — let the hipsters roll their eyes. I can't even name a single Led Zeppelin song, and IDGAF. You're dressing for yourself, so wear what you want.

Tuesday: With A Slip Top & Stiletto Heels

This is your date night look, or your late night solo pizza run look. Treat yo' self. The great thing about wide leg pants is they present so many opportunities to twirl around dramatically. You know you want to.

Wednesday: With A Crop Top & Sneakers

This one's for my athleisure girls and guys. Add a cropped top or sweater to emphasize the pants, throw on some sneakers, and you're all set.

Thursday: With An Off The Shoulder Top & Oversized Bag

This is an easy spring and summer outfit and a good way to layer.

Friday: With A Loose Blazer, Button Up, & Heels

Wear these straight to the office. Serious face included but not mandatory. Power stance, on the other hand? Mandatory. Tie up a longer blouse and throw a blazer on top.

Saturday: Over A Bodysuit Or One-Piece Swimsuit

Hello, summer. Imagine Lana Del Rey playing the background and that you're vacationing in France. A bodysuit under wide leg pants is a great, easy way to go from the beach to the brunch without batting an eye.

Sunday: With A Black Turtleneck & Scarf

If you want a more Audrey Hepburn vibe, throw on a black turtleneck and a fancy scarf — you'll look artsy, even if the thought of painting or sketching physically terrifies you.

So, are you ready to rock wide leg pants? Try some of these ideas, or make up your own — this trend is here to stay, and there are so many awesome ways to make the most of it.