Idris Elba’s Netflix Series Will Remind ‘This Is Us’ Fans Of A MAJOR Kevin Pearson Plotline

by Ashley Rey
Alexander Koerner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to rolling out new and creative projects, Netflix is pretty much the streaming service to go to. And, it's newest addition to the line-up sounds as if it's of no exception. Idris Elba is set to star in Netflix's new comedy series entitled Turn Up Charlie — according to Entertainment Weekly. And all of its details will totally make you think of This Is Us.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Elba will play the role of Charlie, an aspiring and struggling DJ who becomes a manny to his famous friend's daughter — who, by the looks of the description, is anything less than "chill." If you're thinking that this concept sounds vaguely familiar, you're totally right, especially if you're a fan of NBC's hit series This Is Us. In the show, Kevin Pearson found himself in a similar predicament — in his own starring television role, of course.

Similar Elba, Kevin’s character on the show (played by actor Justin Hartley ), starred in a television sitcom, entitled The Manny in which he kicked his bachelor lifestyle to the curb to take on the role of caregiver for a baby — and hilarity ensued. In Elba’s case, however, his eight-episode series sounds like it’ll be centered around the drama and comedy his character Charlie will go through while taking care of a child.

Elba isn’t known for his comedic performances, but that doesn’t mean that this particular role is his first with dabbling in the genre. Sure he's tugged at quite a few heartstrings, and, for some, even became the subject of many nightmares, with his dramatic performances in films like Daddy's Little Girls, Obsessed, The Mountain Between Us, and No Good Deed. But when it comes to aiming for that funny bone, Elba can deliver in that department too. The actor has tried his hand in the comedic genre quite a few times, and in notable comedies like The Office, and according to EW, Elba appears in his U.K. comedy co-creation In the Long Run.

Even cooler, Elba's newest Netflix gig kind of poses itself as an "art imitates life" scenario, too. Ok, so the actor has yet to confirm whether or not he's nannied before in his past life, but one look at Elba's social media pages, and it's evident that at least one aspect of his character's Charlie's life resonates with his own. Elba is a DJ, and before acting was more known for his skills with filling the hottest clubs with the coolest beats. And today, Elba is still on the DJ'ing club circuit, with special appearances in Ibiza and Glastonbury under his belt.

As for when fans will be able to feast their eyes on Elba's Netflix series Turn Up Charlie, the official premiere date has yet to be announced. And when it comes to Elba's costar information, fans will have to wait for that to be released as well. According to EW, the comedy begins production in May, so it may be quite some time before enthusiasts of Elba are able to get ahold of the most pressing details.

All in all, with Elba at its helm, there's no reason why Turn Up Charlie won't quickly become a fan favorite once it premieres. He's proven time and time again that his talents aren't restricted to just one genre, or even one specific industry, for that matter. Who knows... maybe viewers will get a little bit more insight into what it was like for Elba at the beginning of his DJ'ing quest — you know, before he was asked to host residencies in some of the coolest vacation destinations in the world? But one things for sure, more details surrounding Elba's latest venture can't get here fast enough.