The 'This Is Us' Kids Acting Out Their Adult Counterparts' Scenes Will Turn Your Tears Into Laughter — VIDEO

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As fans of the hit NBC series This Is Us attempt to recover from the heart-wrenching first season finale, the youngest members of the cast have stepped in the dry their tears. The This Is Us kids — Mackenzie Hancsicsak, Lonnie Chavis, and Parker Bates, who play Kate, Randall, and Kevin Pearson at nine years old, respectively — stopped by E! News to try their hand at delivering lines originally acted out by the oldest versions of the Big Three. Sounds easy enough especially for young acting professionals who have spent the last few months making hearts ache and eyes well up with tears all across America, right?

Well, the 2-minute video shows they have quite a bit of growing up to do before delivering lines with the same gravitas as their veteran cast mates. But it's hilariously sweet to watch them try. The funny clip features some of the most dramatic scenes from the emotional series including Big Kevin's meltdown on the set of The Manny, Big Randall's first encounter with William, and Big Kate professing her love for Toby. However, the young actors' interpretations are so adorable you easily forget that you bawled your eyes out when you first heard them. The Little Three are some serious stars in the making.

The video is undeniably cute and will certainly lift a lot of spirits following Jack and Rebecca's gut-wrenching scenes in the season finale. Devoted This Is Us fans have waited with bated breath for weeks to find out how Jack — the beloved patriarch of the Pearson family — meets his untimely end, and Tuesday night's episode left audiences in emotional turmoil! As if losing William wasn't enough! Suffice it to say, Season 2 will undoubtedly be the emotional roller coaster fans have grown to love. The Big 3 never lets us down.