Milo Ventimiglia Wants To Return To ‘Gilmore Girls’ On This Major Condition

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

These days, most fans of Milo Ventimiglia probably know him best as Jack Pearson, his starring role in NBC's heart-wrenching family drama, This Is Us. But — as veteran fans of the actor will likely have trouble forgetting — long before Ventimiglia was Jack, he was Jess Mariano, the lovable "bad boy" from Gilmore Girls. Well, it's been more than a decade since the show wrapped, but Milo Ventimiglia said he'd still return to Gilmore Girls if there ever was another season of the 2016 revival.

In a May 15 interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Ventimiglia said that, while there might not be an opportunity in the works right now to reprise his role as Jess, if anything of the sort were to come to fruition, he'd certainly be interested. To that point, Ventimiglia told the publication, simply,

"Well, it's never a 'no.'"

OK, so, first things first: For all those pop culture mongers out there who spent the vast majority of their formative years following the quick-witted trials and tribulations of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, this Tuesday, May 15, marks a pretty memorable occasion. Why? On this day, 11 years ago, the Gilmore Girls season finale aired on The CW, seemingly closing the door on its seven-season jaunt as one of television's most cherished mother-daughter narratives.

As Gilmore Girls enthusiasts already know, the proverbial "door" would open back up again, somewhat unexpectedly, in 2016. That's when Netflix released Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, a four-part miniseries that helped to answer some of fans' "Where are they now?" questions about the series' beloved characters. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

In honor of the 11th anniversary of the Gilmore Girls season finale, Ventimiglia sat down with Yahoo! Entertainment for an exclusive on-camera conversation in which the actor discussed the possibility of yet another installment to the Gilmore Girls revival series. Because, of course, on this day of commemoration, perhaps the most sweeping question on fans' minds seems to be: Are we ever getting another season? Per his Tuesday interview, it sounds like Ventimiglia is more or less in the dark on that particular front, too. "Is there a season two of a revival of a show from 13 years ago?" Ventimiglia asked, "You know… I don't know."

As the interview clip cuts back and forth between shots of 40-year-old Ventimiglia and those of his younger self (in a series of quick snippets from various Gilmore Girls seasons that manage to capture Jess during perhaps his most quintessentially Jess moments), the actor seemed to have a change of heart, to a certain extent. Once again speaking to the possibility of a Gilmore Girls return, Ventimiglia followed up his initial response with a slightly more hopeful one. To that end, he said,

"Anything is possible. Of course, anything is possible."

But, if the series' somewhat unorthodox history of on-again, off-again air time is any indication, Ventimiglia might have the right idea. Because, as its creators quite clearly demonstrated with the 2016 revival, in the world of Gilmore Girls, sometimes anything really is possible.

Unfortunately, as Ventimiglia pointed out during Tuesday's interview, the show's original creators, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, are pretty busy as of late with their critically-acclaimed Amazon series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Still, it sounds like, if the Palladinos approached him with a newly-minted Gilmore Girls idea, Ventimiglia probably wouldn't be too keen on turning down the offer. "I love Amy and Dan," he told Yahoo Entertainment, adding "and that was a fun character, playing Jess."

At the interview's end, Ventimiglia closed his Gilmore Girls-related commentary with a pretty on-point remark, one that'll probably have most fans of the show feeling some relief and a whole lot of angst. Wrapping up his comments on the possible future of Gilmore Girls, Ventimiglia quipped, "I don't know. Give us 20 years or something. Maybe."

While 20 years is a really long time, it seems safe to say that, if another Gilmore Girls revival ever does make it into our streaming queues, fans will be ready and waiting. And hopefully, Jess will be there, too.