11 Mysteries 'Gilmore Girls' Left Unsolved That Stars Hollow Fans Are STILL Thinking About


Gilmore Girls had an outstanding original run, with the original series lasting for seven seasons totaling 154 episodes. When the show called it quits in 2007, it left a number of questions unanswered, some of which were resolved in the 2017 Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. However, A Year in the Life didn't answer every lingering question from the series, and even created a few more for the show, so with another continuation of the series still unconfirmed, there remain a number of mysteries that Gilmore Girls never solved.

The below list of 11 items applies specifically to mysteries that could be answered within the series itself, as opposed to those regarding the opinions of the show's devoted fans. After all, while the question "Why do so many Gilmore Girls fans hate April Nardini? She didn't do anything wrong and can't be blamed for breaking up Luke and Lorelai," is a perfectly valid one to ask, it doesn't apply to the series itself and therefore can't be answered within the confines of the show. So without getting too lost in fan opinions, take a look below at some of Gilmore Girls' biggest unsolved mysteries and see how many you think will remain that way forever.


Where Was Mr. Kim For All Those Years?

Lane's father, known only as Mr. Kim, was mentioned repeatedly throughout the series but never seen until a brief cameo in the revival. He wasn't dead, he wasn't divorced from Mrs. Kim, so where was he during the show's first seven seasons?


Just How Famous Was Miss Patty?

Miss Patty often makes references to her showbiz past, but just how big of a deal was she? Did she really work with all of these legendary performers, or is she simply a compulsive liar trying to impress her small town neighbors?


How Do Rory & Lorelai Ever Sleep With All The Coffee They Drink?

A typical day for Rory and Lorelai goes like this: They wake up and drink coffee at home, head to Luke's Diner for lunch and coffee, have a chat over an evening coffee, then later grab a nightcap coffee and walk around Stars Hollow. That's an awful lot of caffeine, so when on Earth do they sleep? Do they share some sort of genetic abnormality?


Why Does Lorelai Hate Her Parents So Much?

Emily and Richard Gilmore wanted to give their daughter a good life and didn't want her to roam freely as a teenager, making them good parents by most definitions. Yet Lorelai despises them for this well into her adulthood; still holding a grudge against them in her 40s because... they like giving her money?


How Did Lorelai Afford Her House?

Speaking of money, Lorelai refused support from her parents, so how did she afford what is essentially a mansion in a picturesque Connecticut town? Her house is likely a multimillion dollar home, so how does a single mother working at a bed and breakfast afford that?


Ditto For Liz and T.J.

Even more far-fetched than Lorelai is the house of this duo, who manage to afford Stars Hollow's pricy real estate on the income from a part-time homemade jewelry booth at a renaissance faire. There's definitely something shady going on here.


How Did Michel End Up In Stars Hollow?

Michel is a snobby, cosmopolitan Frenchman — so how did he end up in a tiny town in Connecticut no one's ever heard of? And furthermore, why does he stay there, since he seems to hate everyone?


Why Did Lorelai Marry Christopher?

Christopher was always selfish, repeatedly letting down Rory and Lorelai over the years. Yet Lorelai, for reasons unknown, abruptly decides to marry him in the show's seventh season. This nonsensical decision is often attributed to creator Amy Sherman-Palladino having left the show after Season 6, but Lorelai still would have needed to suffer a massive blow to the head or something to warrant such a bizarre and rash life-altering decision.


Is The Town Troubadour Omniscient?

How does this guy always seem to sing songs that match the plot perfectly? Is he some all-seeing God?


What Was With That Life & Death Brigade Scene In The Revival?

The Netflix revival was mostly grounded like most of Gilmore Girls, except for one extended scene featuring the Life and Death Brigade. In this scene, Rory and company rob a bunch of stores, a light show follows them wherever they go, signs magically change their lettering, and animals freaking talk. It's pretty silly, and while it seems like a dream sequence, it's presented as really happening in the episode. But how?


Who's The Father Of Rory's Baby?

The smart money's on Logan Huntzberger, but he's not necessarily the father. Rory also dated Paul throughout the revival, and she could have had other romances that fans weren't privy to.

Gilmore Girls may be done for good, but if it does ever come back, hopefully fans will get some definitive solutions to these mysteries.