14 'Gilmore Girls' Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spinoffs, From Paris To Mrs. Kim


Gilmore Girls has had quite a run — and it still might not even be over yet. After the initial seven seasons aired from 2000 to 2007, Gilmore Girls returned for a revival on Netflix in 2016 that ended with Rory's controversial pregnancy reveal. Still, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino hasn't ruled out another continuation, so it kind of feels like the series will never end. And frankly, the show has enough great characters to warrant a number of Gilmore Girls spinoffs. While fans surely wouldn't mind more episodes centered around Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, a lot of them may prefer getting to know some of these secondary Gilmore Girls characters better at this point.

Unfortunately, the ship has likely sailed on most of these spinoffs (not that they ever would have actually happened), given that most of the actors are now too old to put their characters in a spot fans will recognize and want to follow, but that doesn't mean we can't reminisce about what might have been. Really, who wouldn't have wanted to watch a series about the intense career rise of Paris Geller, or the personal life of Jess Mariano (he could even have a mustache), or the many get-rich-quick schemes of Kirk? So take a look below at 14 Gilmore Girls characters who deserved their own spinoffs and allow yourself to fantasize about the possibilities.

1. Paris Geller


The best character on the entire show, including the titular mother/daughter duo, the fact the Paris never got her own spinoff is one of the greatest tragedies in the history of television. She may be eccentric and driven to the point of being abrasive, but she's also relentlessly entertaining.

2. Jess Mariano


Rory's best boyfriend by a country mile, Jess was both a rebellious bad boy and a well-read intellectual, and it would have been great to see those two sides explored in his own series.

3. Mrs. Kim


Mrs. Kim is awesome. She's certainly overbearing, but she's also hilarious in her bluntness, and her heart was always in the right place. We never really got a chance to see things from her perspective, though, and a spinoff would have solved that problem.

4. Kirk Gleason


The show's most comedic character is also the one who feels the least like a real person and the most like a television character, but it'd still be great to see Kirk in his own wacky sitcom trying out various outlandish business ventures.

5. Emily Gilmore


It's debatable whether or not Emily counts as one of the "Gilmore Girls" — the Netflix revival sure made the case that she is. But for most of the series, she was on the outside looking in at Lorelai and Rory, and her own show would have given her the chance to step out from their shadows..

6. Sookie St. James


Melissa McCarthy deserves like ten TV shows, but one of them should definitely revolve around this kind-hearted, funny, and talented chef.

7. Michel Gerard


Michel is the show's smarmiest character, which some may find off-putting, but you have to admit that his disdain for all living things is pretty funny. There's definitely an audience out there for a show about Michel just trashing everything.

8. Hep Alien


So much potential with this band. On her own, Lane is already a character with a lot of depth, and her family dynamic with Zack only makes her more interesting. Throw in mysterious nerd Brian and hip aging rocker Gil and you've got a recipe for success.

9. April Nardini


Luke's daughter gets a ton of hate, but she doesn't really deserve any of it. She super smart and quirky, and if she didn't inadvertently drive a wedge between Luke and Lorelai, fans would have petitioned for an April spinoff long ago.

10. Miss Patty


The owner of Stars Hollow's dance studio and the most theatrical town resident, Miss Patty's illustrious showbiz background would make for a great prequel series.

11. Babette Dell


The nosy neighbor with an out-there personal life, a Babette series could give a voice to wacky sitcom neighbors everywhere.

12. Doyle McMaster


More than just Paris' boyfriend, Doyle was actually able to (almost) match his better half's drive and peculiar nature, making a Doyle series one fans wouldn't mind seeing.

13. Sophie Bloom


Sophie wasn't on the show a ton, but she's played by Carole King, one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Carole King should have her own TV show. And record label. And media production company. Just give Carole King all the things.

14. Luke Danes


Luke is obviously one of the main characters, but he was mostly limited to serving Lorelai's story. Seeing a show from the surly diner owner's point of view, based entirely on his work life and dealing with the ridiculous residents of Stars Hollow, would really give the backwards cap-wearing grump a chance to shine.

Each of these characters would have had something to offer in their own series, and a few probably still do. You listening, Netflix?