11 Ways Rachel & Joey Staying Together Would Have Totally Changed 'Friends'

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As fans of the iconic Friends know, Rachel and Ross ultimately decided to spend the rest of their lives together. It was later confirmed on the Joey spinoff that Rachel and Ross did, in fact, tie the knot off-screen, but what would have happened if Rachel and Joey had dated on Friends for longer than their short-lived romance? It's an interesting concept, especially if you take a moment to examine each character's traits and dynamics.

As a couple, the Rachel and Ross would constantly bicker, fight, break up, hook up with other people, and later make up. It was a rollercoaster of emotions that was clearly no good for either one of them, but especially for Rachel. On the other side of the coin, you had Joey. Despite his outwardly philandering tendencies, Joey at the core was sweet natured, loyal, and supportive when it came to those that he loved and cared about. It would be those very character traits that would later help cultivate his short-lived romantic relationship with Rachel.

Whatever your thoughts on them as a couple, Rachel and Joey being endgame would have completely changed the course of the beloved series in more ways than you can imagine.

1. Joey Would Have Matured Much Faster

With Rachel by his side, Joey would have no choice but to evolve at a much quicker pace to keep up with Rachel's lifestyle.

2. Rachel Would Have Been A Happier Person

Rachel always seemed to be facing some type of perplexing emotional dilemma — especially when it came to her romance with Ross. However, it always felt like Joey's presence made her life just a tad bit happier, especially after they moved in together. So, maybe being in a relationship with him would've helped to lighten her entire mood.

3. Rachel & Joey Would Have Double Dated With Monica & Chandler

If Rachel and Joey had stayed together, the pair would have been best couple friends with Monica Geller and Chandler Bing. Rachel and Chandler could have also permanently swapped living arrangements, so that the respective couples could shack up across the hall from one another.

4. Joey Would Have Become An Awesome Instant "Dad"

Joey's playful persona would have helped him quickly become the perfect stepdad to Rachel and Ross' daughter, Emma.

5. Rachel & Joey Would Have Been a Doting Couple

It seems that Rachel and Joey would have been more attentive and loving towards one another than Rachel and Ross usually were.

6. Ross May Have Been Single (And Possibly Miserable) Forever

With all of the friends coupled up or married off, Ross, instead of Joey, would have most likely ended up alone. There's no question that he would have never let go of his infatuation with Rachel, a factor that also ruined his marriage to Emily in Season 4.

7. Rachel & Joey's Wedding Would've Been Awkward For Ross

If Rachel and Joey were to tie the knot, Ross would kind of be obligated to witness the marriage of his ex-girlfriend and close friend. It goes without saying that the ceremony would have been a bit uncomfortable for him, but it would have made for a great episode.

8. Ross Would Have Eventually Resented Joey

All things considered, Ross would've definitely become angry at the idea of Joey ultimately winning Rachel's heart — and it would probably have ruined their friendship.

9. Rachel & Monica's Relationship May Have Also Suffered

Although Rachel and Monica never allowed much to get in the way of their friendship, Rachel's romantic relationship with Joey may have eventually caused some animosity between the two — especially if Monica decided to side with her brother, Ross, in the above situation.

10. Rachel & Joey Would Have Been A Power Couple

Watching their budding romance and genuine friendship makes it abundantly clear that Rachel and Joey would have been good for one another. Their supportive relationship would've, no doubt, been a great asset to both, helping to complement their lifestyles and career aspirations.

11. The Friends Spinoff Would Have Been About Rachel & Joey

Rachel and Joey's relationship would have changed the direction the short lived spinoff series, Joey. The show would instead have been centered around the pair's budding relationship and, perhaps, their wedded bliss somewhere down the line.

Rachel and Ross will forever live in history as one of television's most iconic couples. However, Rachel and Joey shared a special love and friendship that was also one of the greatest parts of the legendary sitcom.