13 Movies To Watch Right Now If You're Obsessed With Netflix's Terrifying 'Veronica'

Netflix / Film Factory Entertainment

Netflix has changed the way we watch TV, it's changed the trajectory of Oscar-winning documentaries (congrats, Icarus!), and now it's coming for your horror movies. Netflix fans have recently become obsessed with Veronica, a Spanish horror film released in the U.S. via the streaming site. The chilling movie definitely leaves a mark, but if for some reason you're looking for more nightmares, here are 13 movies to watch if you loved and were terrified by Veronica.

Veronica tells the story of its titular character, a teenage girl who stages a seance with two of her friends and an Ouija board, hoping to get in touch with one of her friend's dead boyfriends. But instead of communicating with an old lover, the girls accidentally communicate with Veronica's dead father, and unleash a horrific force set on terrorizing Veronica and her three younger siblings.

The haunting film mixes possession horror with ghost stories, and is guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of you. In fact, some fans have even claimed they were forced to turn off the movie half way through, incapable of putting themselves through the horror to come! Of course, one person's scariest movie ever is another's most favorite movie ever, and it is for those people that this list of horror movies to watch if you loved Veronica was compiled.

'Ouija: Origin of Evil'

Ouija: Origin of Evil is similar to Veronica in that it also involves an evil spirit invited into a family home through an Ouija board. The spirit immediately begins terrorizing the two young children living in the house, and what follows is mind-bending horror that will definitely increase your fear of pre-teen girls.

'It Follows'

If watching high school aged girls being terrorized appeals to you, then It Follows is a great Veronica viewing follow-up. It deals with similar themes of growing up and embracing womanhood, and, of course, high school.

'The Witch'

The Witch sent a chill up viewers' spines everywhere when it was released in 2015, and is guaranteed to make Veronica fans jump out of their seats.


Before he directed Veronica, Paco Plaza became famous for his 2007 collaboration with Jaume Balagueró, [Rec]. The found footage zombie movie is very different form Veronica, but it has the same sensitive and intelligent details that make the scares are the more effective.


Mama, a horror movie a couple who take in two young nieces — and an ominous spirit — is more of a child haunting story than Veronica, but it will make your house seem just as terrifying.

'Lights Out'

Lights Out also tells the story of a young woman struggling to protect her young sibling from an evil presence. The movie also plays on the oldest fear in the book: fear of the dark. (So you might want to watch with the lights on.)


There's something especially scary about horror movies that use ordinary objects as vehicles for evil. In Oculus, that ordinary object is a mirror, and the movie explores how this haunted mirror has affected the lives of a woman and her brother.

'The Babadook'

Like Veronica, The Babadook deals with themes of grief and the haunting of a child. Unlike Veronica, this film will ruin one of the most innocent things — a children's book — for viewers forever.

'Drag Me To Hell'

A young woman is cursed by an evil spirit and fights to break free before the curse kills her in Drag Me To Hell.


The 1976 classic, Carrie, sets the bar when it comes to horror movies about teenage girls. Though very different from Veronica, it's worth checking out for any horror movie fan.

'The Amityville Horror'

Veronica claims to be based on a true story, so if that's your jam than there is no better movie to watch than The Amityville Horror, which has long been rumored to be based on a true story of a real life haunted house.

'The Visit'

Veronica plays with the fear of being possessed and the fear of going crazy — is that spirit really there, or is Veronica just losing her mind? Similarly, The Visit poses that same question, just not of the protagonists but of the people around them.

'The Others'

If you loved the twist in Veronica (no spoilers here), then the movie you want to watch next is The Others. The film starts out as a movie about a woman convinced she's living in a haunted house and quickly becomes something else altogether.

Enjoy your nightmares!