If You Expect These 7 Things From Your Partner Early On, You’re Ready For Your Soulmate

Anastasia Gepp/Shutterstock

If you're just looking to be in a relationship, there are many things you'll likely excuse or compromise. For instance, if someone you're into cancels on you last minute, it's easy to let it go because it's still early on. A lot of dating advice out there says to keep your expectations low when you're dating to avoid disappointment. That's fine if you're just looking to have fun and date around. But if you're looking for a soulmate, experts say there are some things you should expect from your partner early on.

"It is very important to be clear on your standards and expectations, including what type of person you want for a relationship, their values in life, and their values for a relationship," Laura Richer, relationship expert and founder of the Richer Love program, tells Bustle. "It’s even more important to not accept anything less."

According to Richer, connecting with people who don't meet our expectations and choosing to pursue them anyway will typically lead to disappointment. It may also lead to an unhealthy and imbalanced relationship. That's not exactly the right mindset to have if you're ready for something long-term and serious.

But if you go into a relationship expecting the following things from your partner, experts say you're ready for your soulmate.