If You Love A Bargain, You'll Go Wild Over These 40 Cheap 5-Star Rated Products On Amazon


Truth be told, nothing gets my blood flowing more than a great bargain. It doesn't matter whether it's something I don't really need — like the titles in the the bargain DVD bin at any given store — if it's a good item at a low price, I'm on it. Is this the best way to spend my money? No. Are there items I could snag that are actually practical? Definitely. So instead of impulse purchasing yet another copy of Mean Girls, I'm going to stick to the useful products on Amazon that have five-star reviews.

At least that way, my wallet only takes a hit when I find something really great. And this article has around 40 of those kinds of products — but they're all so cheap, it won't feel like you've destroyed your budget for the week. In fact, all of these surprisingly cheap products on Amazon are so affordable, you could probably buy all of them. Just saying.

So whether you're in the market for a selfie ring light, an affordable sweatshirt, or a pack of beauty blenders for a really good price (and great makeup application), there are tons of cool products on Amazon to choose from.

1. The Ring Light That Makes Any Selfie Look Great

It's not always easy to get the optimal lighting for your selfie, which is why this selfie ring light clips onto your phone so that you can always have the best light possible. This ring light is rechargeable so that you don't have to worry about buying replacement batteries, and it also works great for illuminating videos. The clip has a soft sponge on the inside so that it won't scratch your phone, plus there are three different lighting modes to choose from.

2. A Manicure Kit Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

You could buy an expensive manicure set at the drugstore, or you could save yourself some money by grabbing this manicure set made from rust-resistant stainless steel instead. The carrying case that comes with this set is made from faux leather that protects your manicure tools from dirt and damage, plus it comes with a number of other tools (not just files, clippers, and scissors) to shape your eyebrows, exfoliate your skin, or remove ingrown hairs.

3. The Tableware Set That Replaces Wasteful Plastic Cutlery

You could continue to use wasteful plastic utensils when you pack your lunch, or you could switch over to using this wooden utensil set instead. This inexpensive spoon, fork, and chopstick set are made from high-quality wood that looks incredibly chic — plus each order also comes with a cloth bag that you can use to keep them clean and separate from the rest of your lunch.

4. A Pack Of Low-Cut Liner Socks That Won't Slide Down Your Feet

If you don't like your socks to show with sneakers or flats grab a pack of these low-cut liner socks instead. These socks are made from breathable cotton that won't leave your feet feeling overly sweaty, and they're stretchy so that one size is made to fit all. The anti-slip gel pads on the bottom ensure that they don't slide down your feet, too.

5. The Beauty Blenders That Are Completely Latex-Free

Not only are they completely latex-free, but these beauty blenders are also great for blending your contour lines, foundations, creams, blushes, and more — without streaks. You can use the rounded bottom on larger areas on your cheeks, chin, and forehead, while the tapered point is made for smaller areas around your eyes.

6. A USB Wall Charger With Two Extra Ports

For just $3, you can stop searching around for more outlets — this wall charger features three USB ports where you can easily charge your phone, tablet, and more. This wall charger is made from super-durable ABS plastic that won't easily break if you accidentally drop it, and it's available in too many cute colors to list here. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that the "time it takes to recharge my iPad and phone was a lot quicker" when using this charger.

7. The 16-Gigabyte Flash Drive Shaped Like An Adorable Pig

Not only is it shaped like an adorable little oinker, but this USB flash drive features 16 gigabytes of available storage where you can keep your downloaded movies, pictures, word documents, and more. The beaded rope makes it easy to attach it to your lanyard, purse, or backpack, or practically anywhere else.

8. A Pack Of Power Strips With Two Convenient USB Ports

Most power strips only have outlets — whereas these power strips also have two USB ports built into them so that you can easily charge your devices without having to find a USB brick. The round shape looks nicer on your workstation than a traditional power strip, and the power cord is extra-long so that it's easy to plug these in practically anywhere. They're made from fireproof ABS plastic, plus each order comes with adhesive in case you want to mount these on a wall.

9. The Jade Roller Set That Won't Squeak When You Use It

Made from 100% natural jade, this jade roller set also comes with an extra-large gua sha scraper that you can use to improve the blood flow to your face. The roller is made with silicone stoppers on both ends that keep it from squeaking, plus it's an easy, chemical-free way to help your complexion glow. It only takes a few minutes of daily use to see the full benefits, and it's completely safe for sensitive skin.

10. A Pack Of Macrame Plant Hangers Made From Durable Cotton

Just add your square or round planter to one of these macrame hangers, and you've instantly got an easy way to add a boho vibe to any room in your home. These macrame hangers are made from durable cotton that won't tear under the weight of your plant, and they can easily be hung from a hook in the ceiling or against a wall.

11. The Clay Mask Made From 100% Natural Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a natural way to absorb oil and grime from your pores, and this Indian healing clay mask is an affordable way to experience the benefits. Just wear this mask for about 10 minutes once or twice a week to experience the full benefits — plus, it's particularly great for body wraps, foot soaks, clay baths, and more. It's also completely vegan, and there are zero artificial fragrances in the formula.

12. A Comfy Sweatshirt In Fun Colors

This fleece sweatshirt is a comfy, oversized option for lounging around or weekend errands. The fabric used to make this sweatshirt is resistant to pilling so that you won't have to deal with those annoying balls of fuzz, plus the high-stitch density helps keep it from fraying. The collar won't lose its shape after it's been washed, and it's even tagless so that your neck won't be irritated. Available sizes: Small - XXXXX-Large

13. The Phone Mount That You Can Use Practically Anywhere

Attach it to your car so that you can follow your phone's GPS hands-free, or put this smartphone mount in your kitchen so that it's easy to read recipes while you're cooking. The super-strong magnets on this mount ensure that your phone stays firmly secured, and it's compatible with practically any brand of smartphone. There are zero tools required for installation, plus it even rotates a full 360-degrees so that you always have the best viewing angle.

14. A Hair Wrap Made From Super-Plush Microfiber

Not only does microfiber feel incredibly plush against your skin, but it also absorbs significantly more water than cotton. That means these hair wraps will help get your hair drier faster than a regular towel — plus, they even help reduce frizz since they produce less friction than cotton. They also dry quickly when hung so that they're less likely to get mildewy, and they work with all types of hair.

15. A Beanie Cap With An Open Space For Your Ponytail

If your hair just isn't behaving itself today, go ahead and tuck it away into this ponytail beanie cap. The opening in the back of this beanie lets you snake your ponytail through so that there isn't a giant lump on the back of your head, and it's made with a stretchy elastic band so that it can adjust to practically any hairstyle. You can wear it during a chilly fall day, or even while you're out jogging in order to keep your ears and head warm.

16. A Seat And Lumbar Support Cushion Made With Memory Foam

If you find your back growing sore after a long day sitting at the office, try using these seat and lumbar support cushions. They're filled with plush memory foam that contours to the shape of your body, and the cover is made from ventilated mesh so that you don't grow hot or uncomfortable while sitting on them. You can also use these in the car during long drives, and the covers are also removable for easy cleaning.

17. The Water Bottle Made From Durable Borosilicate Glass

Not only is borosilicate glass extremely durable compared to regular glass, but this glass water bottle is also shatter-resistant and won't crack if you pour hot liquids into it. The lid is made from eco-friendly bamboo, and the silicone seal creates a leak-proof barrier so that you don't have to worry about any accidental spills. It's designed to fit into most cupholders, and the entire bottle is 100% BPA-free.

18. A Pair Of Charging Cables That Are Retractable

Instead of untangling your charging cables every time you need some juice, try using these retractable USB cable chargers instead. Each cable has a micro-USB, lightning, and type C port so that you can easily charge almost any device, and the cable wraps inside the case to help protect it from damage. One Amazon reviewer even noted that they're great for keeping in their guest bedroom so that"no matter who stays or what device they use, they have a charger by the bed."

19. The Sleep Mask Made From 100% Natural Mulberry Silk

Whether you have upcoming travel plans or your bedroom is too bright at night, this sleep mask is an easy way to help you catch some sleep. Unlike other sleep masks, this one is made from 100% natural mulberry silk that's incredibly breathable, plus the elastic band on the back is adjustable. It's large enough that it also blocks your ears to keep them warm in cold weather, and it won't press uncomfortably against your eyes.

20. A Pair Of Ankle Braces That Help Improve Blood Flow To Your Muscles

Not only do they help support your Achilles tendon, but these ankle braces also have a compression fit that encourages blood flow to your muscles. They're made from lightweight fabric that won't leave you feeling hot and sweaty, plus they're an easy way to relieve ankle pain whether you're sitting on a couch or exercising at the gym. As an added bonus, the top and bottom openings on these braces feature a non-slip cuff that prevents them from sliding down into your shoes.

21. The Body Brush That Helps Promote Blood Circulation

If you're searching for an easy way to exfoliate your body without resorting to harsh chemicals, then look no further than this body brush. The bristles on this body brush are 100% natural, and you can use it all over yourself to help exfoliate away dead skin — as well as increase blood flow so that you're left glowing. The linen hand strap on the back makes it easy to maneuver, and the polished wood design is a nice touch.

22. A Protective AirPod Case That Comes With A Ton Of Accessories

Made from high-quality silicone that's naturally antibacterial, this AirPod case sets itself apart from competitors by including a slew of useful accessories. The ear hooks attach to your AirPods so that they stay put in your ears while you exercise, and it even comes with attachable straps so that, in the event they do fall out of your ears, you don't lose them. Each order also comes with a hard-cover carrying case for added protection, plus it's lined with soft cloth to help reduce any wear and tear.

23. The Pack Of Reusable Grocery Bags Made From Durable Cotton

Made from durable cotton that won't easily fray, these reusable shopping bags easily fold down into your purse or glove box when you're not using them. Unlike regular reusable bags, these can easily be tossed into the wash to get them clean — plus, they're able to hold up to 40 pounds so that you can carry heavy gallons of milk, meats, and more. And because the carrying strap is so long, they even double as cute tote bags when you're not buying groceries.

24. A Pack Of Razors That Are Perfect For Shaping Your Eyebrows

These handy razors are made with an open blade that's great for trimming your brows — but they also work great on any unwanted peach fuzz on your chin, lips, and cheeks Bonus: they can even help exfoliate away dead skin, which makes foundation go on a lot smoother.

25. The Smartphone Tripod Designed With Flexible Legs

Designed to work universally with any phone model, this smartphone tripod sets itself apart from traditional tripods by featuring flexible octopus legs that you can mold into almost any position. The legs make it easy to set this tripod on uneven surfaces, plus the phone mount can rotate a full 360-degrees, depending on your needs. Each order also comes with a remote control you can use to take photos from a distance, and it's also compatible with cameras as well as GoPros.

26. A Pack Of Flameless Candles With Built-In Timers

If you're looking for an easy way to set the mood in your home, then these flameless candles are right up your alley. These candles feature a built-in timer that lets them turn themselves off after six hours, and the LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours. Each candle comes with a 3V lithium battery inside that should last for about 10 cycles, and the fake wax drip on the outside gives them a realistic appearance.

27. The Comb And Brush Set That Leaves Your Beard Feeling Soft

Made with eco-friendly bamboo as well as boar bristles, this beard comb and brush set is a great gift for anyone with a beard. It's small enough that it can easily be tucked into your backpack or pocket, and the bristles are great for helping to remove dirt while stimulating oil production so that your beard is left feeling soft and smooth. It works on any style of beard or hair type, plus both the brush and comb are exceptionally durable.

28. A Moisturizing Foot Balm Made With Organic Shea Butter

If your feet are dry and cracked, why not try using this foot balm to deliver a nourishing dose of moisture to them? This balm is formulated with organic shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E — as well as therapeutic-grade tea tree and peppermint essential oils in order to lock-in moisture, plus it's a natural antifungal that helps keep bacteria at bay. It's completely paraben-free as well as cruelty-free, and it can even help prevent athlete's foot.

29. The USB Splitter With Individual On And Off Switches

If your laptop or computer doesn't have enough USB ports for your keyboard, mouse, charging cable, or any other device, try using this USB hub splitter to give yourself some extra ports. This splitter features four extra USB ports you can plug into any computer, and each port has an on/off switch if you want to disconnect your device without unplugging it. The LED indicator lights let you know when your port is working, plus it allows for transfer speeds of up to 5 gigabytes per second.

30. A Pack Of Silicone Spatulas That Are Antibacterial

Most silicone spatulas are made with a separate handle that eventually falls off after a few trips through the dishwasher, whereas these silicone spatulas are made from one single piece of silicone so they'll never break. The stainless steel on the inside of these spatulas ensures they don't lose their shape, plus the loop on the end makes it easy to hang them almost anywhere in your kitchen.

31. The Compact Back Scratcher That Extends To Reach Every Itch

You could continue to bother your partner to scratch your back, or you could do it yourself with this compact back scratcher. It's made from rust-resistant stainless steel which makes it exceptionally durable, and it's about the size of a pen so that it's easy to keep in your purse. There's also a clip on the side so that you can attach it to your pocket, plus the telescoping design means you can choose how short or long the handle is.

32. A Tablet Stand That Folds Down For Easy Storage

Whereas most tablet stands are large and bulky, this tablet stand can easily collapse down flat so that it's easy to tuck away into storage when you're not using it. There are six slots that let you adjust this stand's viewing angle depending on how you're sitting, and it's made from super-durable ABS plastic. You can use it with tablets, phones, magazines, and more, plus there are non-slip rubber pads on the bottom that prevent accidental scratches to your surfaces.

33. The Brush That Helps You Get All The Lint Out Of Your Dryer

Having excess lint in your dryer vents is a recipe for fire, so why not keep them clean by using these vent brushes? These brushes reach deep into your dryer vents to get rid of lint and dust that's gotten stuck, and removing the excess fluff even helps your dryer operate more efficiently. You can also use these brushes to get dust and pet hair from underneath your furniture, plus the stainless steel wire shaft is flexible so you can reach ever nook and cranny.

34. A Pack Of Bandages That Look Like Delicious Bacon

Even though they look good enough to eat, these bacon strip bandages work better on small blisters or cuts. Each order comes with 15 bacon-themed bandages you can put on scrapes and scratches, plus there's even a bonus trinket that comes in the tin just for fun. One Amazon reviewer also noted that "they work fine as a bandage and are great as a conversation starter."

35. The Candle Set That's Made From 100% Natural Soy Wax

Not only does the gorgeous design make them a great gift, but this candle set is also made from 100% natural soy wax that provides a cleaner, longer burn than regular wax. These candles should burn for between 25 and 30 hours, plus each box comes with four scents: lavender, lemon, Mediterranean fig, and spring. The candle containers are made from metal instead of glass so you don't have to worry about them breaking, and you can reuse them as small planters once they're empty.

36. A Pack Of Scratch-Off Miniature Notes That Are Perfect For Kids

Sure, you could keep using note cards, but let's face it — these scratch-off mini rainbow notes are way more fun. Each order comes with 150 sheets you can use for arts and crafts, travel toys, or even for jotting down a quick note. Plus, they even come with two stylus pens to get you started. Unlike other note pads, these notes are made from high-quality card stock that gives them almost unlimited applications.

37. The MacBook Pro Keyboard Protector That Lets The Backlight Shine Through

Whereas most keyboard protectors block the backlight on your MacBook Pro keyboard, this one not only lets it shine, but it's also made from premium thermoplastic polyurethane that's resistant to oil, grease, and scuffs. It's super-transparent, reusable, and it's compatible with both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros.

38. A Tool That Helps You Hold Onions While You Slice Them

For just $2, you can practically ensure that you'll never cut yourself chopping up an onion by using this onion holder. The prongs on this holder let you slide your knife between them so that each slice of onion is uniform, plus you can also use it while chopping other vegetables, meat, poultry, and more. The prongs are made from durable stainless steel that won't rust over time, and it's an easy way to keep your hands odor-free from that pervasive onion smell.

39. The Soap Dish That Looks Classy On Any Countertop

This soap dish has a classy wooden look that pairs great with practically any style of bathroom decor. You can also use this dish to store small toiletries, sponges, and more — plus, the ventilated design allows your soap to dry faster so that it lasts longer. Many Amazon reviewers noted how they liked the wooden appearance, and one even noted how it "keeps the soap from dissolving" when wet.

40. A Pack Of Headbands With A Cute Twist Design

Made from lightweight chiffon fabric, these headbands are a cute fashion statement. They're available in too many prints to list here, plus they won't stretch out after multiple wears. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.