If Your Partner Does These 8 "Awkward" Things Around You, It Means They're Actually All In

by Kristine Fellizar
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Some people make figuring out where they stand in the relationship a lot easier than others. If your partner isn't the direct and open-with-their-feelings type, it can make things a little more complicated for you. But if you've been with your partner for a while and you're wondering how to tell if your partner loves you, there are some things they will do to clue you in to how they feel. According to experts, all you need to do is pay attention to the seemingly awkward things they do around you.

Nobody ever really wants to be put in awkward situations. But when it comes to relationships, awkwardness can be a really good thing. According to relationship coaches, Todd and Diana Mitchem, seemingly awkward moments in your established relationship should be seen as "magic moments" that signal trust and commitment. "It means that a special bond has been formed," they say. There's a level of comfort that comes with knowing you can have those awkward moments with someone and they still find you just as amazing and desirable as when you first met.

Although every relationship is different, you should be completely comfortable with one another if you want your relationship to last long-term. When you are truly comfortable with someone, it means you're relaxed enough around them to be who you are, Jane Reardon, LA-based licensed therapist and founder of RxBreakup app, tells Bustle. "Every couple’s relationship is different, so comfortability levels is ultimately determined by both people in the relationship," she says. "For some, this can take weeks, months or even a year."

But hearing your partner say they're comfortable and truly committed to you and actually seeing it in action are two different things. So here are some seemingly awkward things your partner will do around you to show you that they're really all in.


They'll Drop Subtle Hints About Living Together Because They're Unsure Of What You'll Say

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If your partner is all in and it's still pretty early on in your relationship, they may drop subtle hints that they want you to move-in together somewhere in the near future. Your partner may suggest that you leave more things at their place, they'll shop for groceries and stock up on your favorite foods, and they might even put a picture of you and them somewhere in their place. "It's called playing house and this is how they anchor themselves to you," the Mitchems say. Your partner may not directly ask you to move-in, but you may notice them doing these little things here and there to hint at it.


They'll Laugh During Sex When Things Don't Go According To Plan

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Sex can be super awkward. In fact, surveys have found that most people start relationships off with bad sex. "Everyone is usually nervous about messing up, or making weird noises or maybe not looking their best during sex," Bethany Ricciardi, sex educator and relationship expert with Too Timid “The Romance Company” tells Bustle. "But the best sexual partners are the ones that you can laugh off those awkward moments with during sex." Laughing during sex can go either way, depending on the situation and your partner. But weird things happen during sex. It's inevitable. "There’s no bigger turn on than knowing you're having fun together," Ricciardi says. "Sex shouldn't always be serious and aggressive. Get turned on by their smile and laugh away the awkward stuff!"


They'll Invite You To A Family Function But Try To Downplay It So You're More Likely To Go

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"Something that can be really awkward and uncomfortable is meeting or spending time with your partner's family," Ricciardi says. But nothing says "I'm all in" more than having your partner invite you to something like a big family function. "Families can be unpredictable and it’s naturally nerve-racking and awkward," she says. But if your partner wants you to be there, it shows how serious they are about the relationship and that they want a future with you. So if you're just as serious about them, don't be afraid to go with them.


They'll Playfully Dance Naked In Front Of You To Brighten Your Mood

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"If your partner is comfortable letting all of their junk hang out and to top it off throw a dance party right in front of you in their birthday suit, they’re all in," relationship coach, Jenna Ponaman, CPC, ELI-MP, tells Bustle. "They have literally shown you all of themselves, cutting loose in a fun, yet very vulnerable way." According to her, this says, “I trust you, I love you, and I want to share everything with you.” If your partner doesn't do this, don't worry. That doesn't mean they're not all in. This is just one example of how your partner can show you that they're truly committed to you by being openly vulnerable. It also shows that you can laugh, have fun, and just be silly around each other.


They'll Offer To Pop Your Pimples For You

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Apparently, if you're willing to pop your partner's pimples, it's true love. "It might sound gross and awkward but it really shows how close you are," Ricciardi says. "You're truly beyond any awkward stage and can be comfortable with another in all your ‘flaws.’" The the best part is, if your pimple is in a spot you can't reach, "it’s awesome to have your partner willing to help you in such a personal situation and bring no judgement to the table," she says.


They'll Serenade You With Your Favorite Song Even If They Know They Can't Sing

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If your partner can serenade you when they have no future as a singing sensation, Ponaman says that means they're all in. "It distinguishes a flaw and probably makes them highly embarrassed," she says. "Maybe they’re not even the romantic type. But if they feel called to sing sweet words to you, they care that much and will do anything to make you happy." That, she says, is the definition of a keeper.


They'll Have A Conversation With You While You're Using The Bathroom

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At some point in your serious relationship, you and your partner will probably share a bathroom. But if your partner can comfortably have a conversation with you while you're on the toilet, or vice versa, Ponaman says your relationship has reached a very comfortable point. "I know it’s seemingly gross to most people, but you’d be surprised how normal it has become for someone to pee in front of another person," she says. "Having bathroom convos is one of the biggest signs that this couple is in it for the long haul."


They'll Call You Their Spouse When You Travel Together Like It's No Big Deal For Them

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At some point in your relationship, you and your partner are going to travel together. As Varsha Mathur, Founder, Dating and Relationship Coach at KnowingLuxe™ Coaching tells Bustle, if you catch your partner calling you their spouse when you check into a hotel, they're all in. It's even more awkward if a serious talk of marriage hasn't happened yet. "This shows a great deal of comfort and is important to the relationship because it implies that the relationship transcends formalities of titles and labels," Mathur says.

So if your partner does any of the above, really take notice. These moments may be awkward, but they can mean a lot. Your partner may be way more commited to the relationship than you think.