If You're A Weirdo, You'll Probably Love These 49 Things On Amazon

If your taste in shopping skews toward the quirky, the unusual, and the out-of-the-ordinary, I feel you, I support you, I am you. Truth be told, some of the weirdest products on Amazon tend to be the most useful (but, my fellow weirdo, you already knew that). If there's an item people are scoffing at, you can bet I'm diving in head first. Why? Because there’s real satisfaction in discovering the hidden benefits of what others deem unexpected or strange.

For example, I'm really loving this face spatula right now. (Yeah, that's right — a spatula for your face.) The innovative skincare tool utilizes high-frequency vibrations to eliminate blackheads and shrink pores, so it's basically a trip to the esthetician at a fraction of the cost. It's a hit with reviewers and ticks all the right boxes: affordable, effective, and all about self care.

And if you’re a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches, this grilled cheese toaster is about to transform your life. It preheats, defrosts, and features a "melt zone" dial that can be adjusted to your desired level of toastiness and gooeyness. Plus, it can make two delicious sandwiches at once, so you’ll be all set on a second serving. So go ahead and embrace your eccentric proclivities, and scroll on for even more wacko but wonderful products.

by Cliché Wynter
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The Extra-Long Dish Gloves That Are Lined In Fleece

Doing the dishes just got a lot more pleasant thanks to these latex gloves that are lined in soft fleece. Just as good, they're extra long, reaching all the way up to the elbows, which means you'll stay dry no matter how splashy things get. My only question: Where have these been all my life?

The Knives That Make Spreading Cold Butter A Breeze

These stainless steel butter knives feature two sides: a smooth side for slicing through soft butter and a serrated side for creating curls from cold butter. The ergonomic design makes them easy to handle and they're even safe enough for children to use.

A Trippy Night Light With Built-In Speakers

This Aurora Borealis night light will turn the wall and ceiling into the Northern Lights. It's jam-packed with impressive features, too, like three brightness levels, a timer, a rotation option, and built-in speakers, so you can set a soundtrack to your evening. And reviewers can't get enough of it; one wrote, "Seriously, it's so much cooler than I expected."

A Whisk That That Comes With A Wiper For Cleaning

Whisks are great and all, but they can be a pain to clean. That headache is now a thing of the past, thanks to this whisk and wiper duo. The stainless steel kitchen utensil is accompanied by a cleaning tool with slits that slide onto the whisk to wipe away excess batter or frosting. Plus, since the wiper is curved, you can use it to scrape bowls clean too.

A Card Game That Tests Your Pun Skills

Simple but brilliant, the Punderdome card game is an excellent ice breaker and a clever way to hone your pun skills. The prompter draws two prompt cards, and the rest of the players have 90 seconds to think of a pun that combines the two prompts. The prompter will then choose the pun they like best, and reward the player with the cards. The first player to earn 10 cards wins.

A Monthly Planner That Reminds You How Amazing You Are

In case you ever forget it, this monthly planner is here to remind you that you are a badass. It’s filled with motivating quotes from the number one New York Times bestselling author Jen Sincero, along with two sticker sheets, monthly habit trackers, two pockets for storage, and more.

These Meat Claws That Are Perfect For Shredding & Carving Meat

These meat claws can be used to shred, carve, and pull meat for delicious barbecue, but they're helpful in other scenarios too. Use them to get a firm grip when transferring turkey or chicken or even use them to mix salads. Heat-resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, they're dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

A Facial Massager That Rejuvenates The Skin

Treat yourself to an at-home facial with this 24-karat gold-plated pulse massager. Every bit as glamorous as it sounds, the battery-operated massager improves blood circulation, leaving you with a bright, glowing complexion. Reviewers have deemed it a must-have, with several reporting that it's "very relaxing" and "reduces puffiness."

An Alarm Clock That Runs Away So You Can't Hit The Snooze Button

This alarm clock is designed with wheels that hit the ground running (literally), so you can't just roll over and hit the snooze button. Plus, the clock shakes, changes, direction, and safely jumps off of nightstands up to 3 feet tall. Needless to say, there's no chance you'll oversleep with this little dude around. Choose from 10 colors.

The Light Saber Chopsticks With Almost 6,000 Reviews

These lightsaber chopsticks are sure to be a hit with Star Wars fans. They're battery-operated, lightweight, and illuminated with LED lights that turn dinner into a George Lucas-style event. Available in eight colors, one reviewer wrote that they're "bright enough to see what you're eating whilst sitting with the lights off during a star wars movie marathon."

An Essential Oil Diffuser That Doesn't Require Water

Sleek, compact, and modern, this essential oil diffuser doesn't require water for use. Just add a drop or two of your desired fragrance onto the pad, cover it, and power on. The ultra-quiet device is USB-rechargeable and small enough to take anywhere. Choose from light and dark wood finishes.

The Motion-Activated Toilet Light With 16 Color Options

Yes, this toilet night light is a thing, and honestly, it’s a game changer. The motion-activated device turns on when you’re within a 5-foot distance and will automatically shut off after a few minutes of inactivity. The LED night light has 16 color options and five brightness levels for a customizable trip to the bathroom.

A Plush Heating Pad That Will Keep Your Feet Toasty

This heating pad is sure to keep your feet nice and warm during the cooler months. Made from plush fleece that's as soft as it is toasty, it's cushioned for even more comfortable goodness and has four adjustable heat seatings. Plus, it's washable and has an auto-shutoff function that powers it down after four hours of use.

A Memory Foam Foot Hammock For Traveling

A memory foam foot hammock is a travel essential, especially if your feet don't reach the ground. It’s designed with a height-adjustable strap and buckles that you can use to fasten it to the tray table in front of you. It's lightweight and comes with a storage pouch you can stash in your carry-on.

A Jar Scraper For Reaching Every Last Bit

Do yourself a favor and grab this BPA-free jar scraper. The tiny, flexible wonder is designed to reach to the bottom of containers to clean out every last drop. That last bit of strawberry marmalade or Nutella? All yours.

This Pasta Strainer With Monster Eyes

If spooky season is a yearlong thing in your abode, this spaghetti monster strainer will fit right in. The BPA-free, dishwasher-safe colander has eyes for handles and a base that’s perfect for straining your favorite pasta dishes, but you can also use it to rinse fruits and veggies.

A Rechargeable Face Spatula For An At-Home Facial

This rechargeable face spatula will have you waving goodbye to pesky blackheads and uneven skin in no time. It produces high-frequency vibrations that extract impurities for a deep clean, and the stainless steel scrubber shrinks pores and tightens skin, leaving you with a glowing visage. Can’t see your esthetician? This is a fantastic alternative.

The Toaster Specifically Designed For Grilled Cheese

Treat yourself to the best sandwich of all time with this grilled cheese toaster. Affordable and compact, it comes with two toasting baskets, so you can make two grilled cheese sandwiches at once. It’s a quick and easy way to make lunch or dinner (especially on those days you don’t feel like firing up the stove).

A Pancake Pan With Cute Emoji Faces

I’ll take joy anywhere I can get it, and right now this pancake pan is doing the trick. The stainless steel griddle has a non-stick surface, a three-layer base for even heat distribution, and seven slots — each with a different emoji face, so you can express exactly how you're feeling while you eat breakfast.

These Toasters That Make Fresh Tortillas Crispy — Without Oil

Your taco Tuesdays will never be the same once you invest in these taco toasters. Made from stainless steel and BPA-free resin, they crisp up fresh tortillas in a matter of seconds — without oil — and all you have to do is stick it in the toaster. The result? (Chef’s kiss.)

These Magnesium Bath Flakes For A Soothing Night's Rest

If you're feeling restless, try unwinding with a warm bath and these magnesium bath flakes that work to relax muscles and soothe the mind. The flakes are blended with cedarwood and lavender essential oils, which can help promote a calm feeling of restfulness.

A Super Soft Burrito Blanket

This burrito blanket looks so real, you'll want to eat it, but it actually feels even better than it looks. Soft and plush, it's perfect for cozying up with on chilly nights while you snack on chips and guacamole. It's also available in a few other fun styles like pepperoni pizza and a Belgian waffle, so your inner foodie will be in heaven.

An Adult Party Game That Literally Encourages You To 'Get Weird'

This adult party game will put you in some awkward situations, like pretending to graze like a cow on the front lawn or doing your best runway strut in front of the other players. The game is divided into solo challenges and two-person showdowns, and the first person to successfully complete five wins. There are 200 cards, so be prepared to face down "whatever."

This Scented Candle That Smells Just Like... Dirt

Yes, this dirt-scented candle might cause you to raise an eyebrow, but hear me out: It challenges the idea of what a scented candle should smell like, and if nothing else, it's sure to start a few conversations. It has a 40-hour burn time and will fill your home with a rich, earthy aroma. Reviewers wrote, "it does really smell like dirt" and "if you love the smell of dirt after a rain.. you'll love this candle."

The Wireless Microphone For Fun Karaoke Nights At Home

Who needs an overpriced bar when you can bring the karaoke fun home? This wireless Bluetooth microphone plays music and amplifies your voice at the same time, and you can control everything right on the mic: Skip songs, adjust volume, turn on the echo feature, and then plug it in to recharge for next time.

A Vintage-Inspired Plant Mister

Water your plants in style with this plant spray bottle that looks like an antique bottle of perfume. The plastic spout is rust-resistant, and the thickened glass base comes in colors like blue, lilac, and olive green. You can use the bottle for outdoor gardening, cleaning, and face misting.

The Bed Head Hair Waver That's Wildly Popular

More than 15,000 reviewers have given this hair-waving tool a perfect five-star rating. Engineered with tourmaline ceramic technology, it tames frizz and adds shine while giving you sculpted or beach-like waves in seconds. It has an auto-shutoff feature, and dual voltage means you can use it overseas. "I usually use this tool on my hair on day 2 after washing," shared one fan, "The waves last me 4 days!"

A Couch Cupholder That Prevents Spills

No coffee table? No worries. This flexible silicone cupholder stretches across the edges of sofas and armchairs to keep your beverages steady and prevent spills. Available in five colors, it's weighted for stability and can accommodate drinking glasses, cans, and mugs — it even has a slot for handles.

An Ice Hat That Helps Relieve Migraine Pain

This migraine hat features four built-in ice packs that work to alleviate pain caused by headaches, migraines, sinus pain, and more. Made from soft, flexible material, the cap is adjustable, so you can get as much or as little compression as you like.

A Color-Changing Moon Lamp With A Remote Control

Add some nighttime magic with this touch-activated moon lamp that's based on the actual topography of the moon. The LED light has 16 color options and comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the lamp from up to 30 feet away. Use it to set the mood for events or place it by your bedside for a soothing, ambient night light.

A Tomato-Growing Kit With Seeds For 4 Varieties

Flex that green thumb of yours with this tomato garden kit. The starter kit is complete with four types of seeds — green zebra, delicious red, blue cherry, and yellow pear tomatoes — along with gardening accessories, and of course, growing tips. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, you'll have plenty of fun raising your own salad ingredients.

This Flameless Heater That Makes Delicious S’Mores

Get a taste of the camping experience from the comfort of your home with this s’mores maker. The electric flameless heater includes two stainless steel roasting forks, four compartment trays (for storing marshmallows, graham crackers, and more), and an easy-to-clean base. Here’s to many cozy and delicious nights in.

The Floral Bath Soaps That Look Like Real Roses

It’s hard to tell that these floral scented bath soaps aren’t actual roses. Each box comes with 18 soaps in varying shades of pink, and they're formulated with essential oils to soothe and nourish skin. The set makes a great gift for anyone with a romantic bent, but don’t forget to treat yourself as well.

The Adult Coloring Book For The Horror Enthusiast

If horror is your thing, you'll love this adult coloring book. It's packed with plenty of intricate, gory illustrations you can spend hours filling in. "Never been a big coloring book guy, but[...] I am obsessed," wrote one enthused fan. Pick up some colored pencils while you're at it.

This Blanket That Lets You Channel Your Inner Mermaid

If this mermaid blanket is any indicator, it’s never too late to live out your Naiad dreams. Available in both adult and children sizes (so everyone can get in on the fun), the blanket is made from soft cotton and acrylic and features an elaborate fin that'll keep your feet warm. Choose from 11 colors, like blue, mint, and rainbow.

A Multipurpose Pocket Tool That Will Always Come In Handy

This 11-in-one stainless steel tool is about the size of a credit card, which makes it easy to keep on hand, but it's surprisingly versatile. Use it as a bottle opener, can opener, flathead screwdriver, butterfly wrench, small ruler, and more. The best part? It's under 10 dollars, so you'll get plenty of bang for your buck.

A Would-You-Rather Game That's Sure To Spark Conversation

Pick Your Poison is a card game in which players are presented with two "would you rather" scenarios and must anonymously vote for the situation they would prefer. The judge tallies the votes, and if the players are in a majority agreement, they win —otherwise, the judge gets the points. Most importantly, you'll learn a lot about your friends.

An Ice Tray That Makes Cat-Shaped Cubes

If you're a major cat lover, you'll find it hard to resist this super cute ice tray. It molds up to 10 cat-shaped cubes at once and can also be used as a mold for chocolates, soaps, and more. It's made from flexible silicone, so it's easy to remove one cube at a time.

A Wine Stopper That's Shaped Like A Pickle

Nope, that's not a pickle — that's a wine stopper you're looking at. This silicone stopper provides an airtight seal to keep your pinot fresh, and it's a great way to combine your love of pickles with wine. And let's face it, it will definitely fool a couple of people. Not a pickle person? Check out the other options, like a pineapple, a cactus, and a block of cheese.

These Chilling Sticks That Keep Your Drink Cold Without Ice

Pop these stainless steel chiller sticks into the freezer for 45 minutes before inserting them into your drink, and they'll keep your beer or soda at an optimal drinking temperature — perfect if you're a slow sipper. Plus, the set comes with a bottle opener card that's small enough to stick in your pocket.

This Cute Night Light That Changes Colors

Why go for a run-of-the-mill night light when you can get this adorable night light that's bound to cheer you up? Made from soft and lightweight silicone, the rechargeable night light features a touch sensor, so you can tap it to turn it on and off or cycle through the seven soft color options.

A Stainless Steel Soap Bar That Eliminates Garlic & Onion Odors

As strange as it may seem, this stainless steel soap bar can remove garlic, onion, and other pungent odors from your hands when you're cooking, and all you have to do is treat it like regular soap: Run it under cold water, rub it between your hands for 30 seconds, and all those strong odors will magically disappear.

The Massaging Slippers With Acupressure Footbeds

Shuffle around your home in these massage slippers that are textured to deliver acupressure relief to tired feet. They're contoured to offer arch support, and since they have durable soles, you can wear them outside to get the mail. Choose from four colors: black, tile blue, red, baby pink, and grey. Available sizes: women's 5.5 — 11

A Dual Solar-Powered Charger With A Flashlight

This portable power bank can be charged two ways: via USB, which is great if you're near a wall outlet, or solar, which is perfect if you're going off the grid. It's designed with dual charging ports, so you can power two devices at once, and features a built-in flashlight and a hook. It's available in blue, orange, white, and camo print.

This Gadget That Slices Grapes & Cherry Tomatoes

Use this fruit and vegetable slicer to quickly chop multiple cherry tomatoes and grapes at once. With an ergonomic design and stainless steel blades, it's a cinch use: Just fill it up and slide the blade from top to bottom.

A Neon Sign With A Pretty Clear Message

There's little room for misinterpretation with this 'Let's Get Weird' neon sign. Made with glass tubes and real neon lights, it emits a soft glow that can work as a night light and doubles as an illuminated work of art. It comes in 10 styles, including the inspirational 'Do What You Love' and 'The World Is Yours.'

The Memory Foam Foot Rest Reviewers Can't Get Enough Of

Kick up your feet with this memory foam foot rest. Designed to to alleviate pain caused by hours of sitting, it works to support the feet, hips, and legs, while improving posture and promoting circulation. One reviewer wrote, "This footrest is so comfortable I have been able to kick off my shoes and just let my feet enjoy the soft cover and the supportive cushiness of the memory foam."

These Socks That Look Like Tiger Paws

These tiger paw socks take animal prints to the next level. Vivid and colorful, they make for an excellent gift, but are truthfully the type of thing you might want to keep for yourself. If you want to pay homage to a greater swath of the animal kingdom, you can also pick up zebra, cat, dog, eagle, or polar bear socks.

The Automated Piggy Bank That Actually *Eats* The Money

Yes, you read that right: This savings bank is designed with a motion sensor that activates to "chew" money when your stick a coin in. Available in pink, red, and blue with a rubber surface, it's a truly unique way to save some change. It operates on two AA batteries, and fits standard coins: quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.