53 Weird Products On Amazon That Make Random Tasks So Much Easier

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There's something to be said about taking your time and completing each task that comes along — but, your life is probably hectic and there might not be enough time in the day for everything. Thankfully, these weird products on Amazon that make random tasks so much easier are here to lessen the burden, lighten the load, and give you time for other tasks that are more fulfilling.

What exactly does that mean in terms of products? Well, you might love cooking and baking, but do you honestly find it enjoyable to spend time stripping herbs or separating eggs? If not, there are two brilliant, yet odd kitchen products on this list that get both of those jobs done in a fraction of the time.

And the same can be said for all of the many cleaning projects you might be avoiding. But that's where unexpected cleaning supplies come to save the day; think heavy-duty keyboard cleaners, hangers that keep dirty socks together in the wash so they don't get lost, and cleaning brushes that attach to power drills.

If you'd love nothing more than to outsource some of the more random tasks in life, look no further than this list of incredible, time-saving products.


An Effective Keyboard Cleaner That Sucks Up Dust And Dirt

Don't be intimidated by the fact that it looks like a serious power tool that can do major damage: This keyboard cleaner sucks up dust and dirt from in between and around keys like nobody's business, but it's also gentle. The cordless, drill-type cleaner comes with two vacuum nozzles and a washable filter. Its built-in lithium battery allows for 60 continuous minutes of cleaning on a single charge.


This Tray That's Perfectly Designed For Cooking Up Bacon

When your old bacon-cooking plate fails to address grease or maintain a crispy bacon exterior, turn to this uniquely designed bacon tray. The slanted platform has ridges that keep food up and allow for grease to cascade down and be captured within the tray. It's dishwasher safe and doubles as the perfect defrosting space for all meats and other frozen foods.


A Raclette Set For Making Amazing Cheesy Dishes

This non-stick and foldable raclette set is a fantastic way to impress at a dinner party (or your partner if you're cooking at home). It includes the barbeclette, frame, spatula, and three tea light candles to heat the cheese. And, because thee are heated by a candle as opposed to a lighter source or electricity, this is super portable and safe to bring with you anywhere.


An Eyebrow Tattoo Pen That Delivers Microblade-Inspired Results

This eyebrow tattoo pen delivers natural-looking eyebrows, courtesy of a triple-forked applicator that mimics a much, much more expensive microblading treatment. The pen is highly pigmented and won't wipe off until you remove it with soap or makeup remover. Plus, it comes in four brow shades.


Freezer Pods So You Can Freeze Individual Portions Of Meals Separately

These handy freezer pods allow you to pre-portion frozen meals, making it that much easier to heat up your meal prep or dinner the day of. With a stretchy silicone lid that prevents any spills when you first transfer food, this kitchen gadget has four 1-cup sections, but also comes in varieties with 2-cup, 3-cup, and 4-cup sections if that's a better size for you.


A Multitasking Hot Air Brush That Pumps Up Your Roots

Easier mornings are all about multitasking, and this hot air brush is likely the most popular time-saving hair tool you can have at your side. The vented round brush dries hair just like a blow dryer, but it also lifts up your roots, provides major volume, and allows you to give yourself the ultimate blowout using just one tool (and freeing up your second hand).


The Space-Saving Microwave Steamer That Collapses Flat

Steam veggies, rice, and other foods in your microwave in less time with this microwave steamer, which has a convenient detachable insert, a handle, and a lid. The silicone steamer is resistant to temps as high as 480 degrees Fahrenheit and doesn't just save you cooking time; it also saves on major space. The unit collapses flat and can be stored just about anywhere. Bonus points: It comes in six colors.


A Flexible Washer Door Prop That Prevents Mildew Odor

If you've noticed that your washing machine smells... well, the opposite of fresh, the culprit could be a buildup of mildew inside from wet clothing. This flexible washer prop does exactly that: It keeps the door on front-load machines ajar to allow for proper airflow, which keeps undesirable odors at bay.


These Cable Clips To Keep Wires From Dangling Everywhere

In my opinion, tangled wires and cables dangling from the back of a desk can make a tidy room look messy. Thankfully, you can keep your cables orderly and better protected with these cable clips, which safely adhere to surfaces using an adhesive. They also maintain a firm grip on cords so that they stay put in one place.


The Back Brace That Helps Improve Your Posture

If you're still making mental notes to stand up straight, another reminder could help. This back brace corrects your posture and trains you to sit up, which in turn helps alleviate neck, shoulder, and back pain. Wear the washable, breathable brace for 20 minutes to one hour at night. You can also wear it under your clothing.


An Activated Charcoal Toothpaste That Whitens Teeth Naturally

This natural activated charcoal toothpaste takes a different approach to whitening: It's a safe enough to use daily and its active ingredients include baking soda, organic coconut oil, and charcoal. You won't find fluoride, peroxide, or parabens in the formula — and it leaves a fresh, minty taste behind.


This Fabric Defuzzer That Removes Lint And Pills From Clothing

There's a good chance that your sweaters may start to look a little worn over time. But instead of tossing them and spending more money on your wardrobe, use this fabric defuzzer to make them look like new again. It works by removing pills and getting rid of lint and fuzz with a protected shaving system. The battery-operated device has three settings and a lint catcher that's simple to clean out.


These Leakproof Storage Bags That Are Completely Reusable

This pack of 10 reusable storage bags come in large, medium, and small sizes with leakproof zipper closures. Made from strong PEVA material, the bags are safe in the freezer. They're also waterproof and perfect for keeping produce, leftovers, and lunch fresh and dry.


A Tub Drain Protector That Nestles Within Your Drain

The best way to keep your pipes clean is by preventing hair and debris from getting clogged in the first place. Unlike traditional drain protectors that sit over your drain, this tub drain protector nestles within your drain and captures everything you want to keep safely out of pipes. It comes in six colors and won't float up and away into your bath water.


A Stainless Steel Electric Kettle That Boils Water In Minutes

In just a few short minutes, this stainless steel electric kettle boils water so that it's ready for tea, coffee, pasta, rice, oatmeal, and other dishes. The cordless kettle boils up to 1 liter of water — and it has a 30-inch power cord along with an auto-shutoff function for safety purposes.


The Transparent Acne Patches That Heal Blemishes Fast

Blemishes can happen unexpectedly, but these acne patches provide an easy way to help them dry out and heal within hours. The patches are made from natural hydrocolloid, tea tree, and calendula oils that disinfect skin and absorb impurities while you sleep. The patches come in two sizes and are transparent, so they blend in with skin.


A Digital Meat Thermometer For Perfectly Cooked Burgers

Whether you're serving up burgers at your BBQ, making a huge Sunday roast, or hosting Thanksgiving — basically, any time meat is the main event — this meat thermometer will ensure that your meal is cooked perfectly. The accurate thermometer has the speediest response time of just 4 to 6 seconds, along with an easy-to-read digital screen and a 10-minute auto-shutoff.


This Versatile Drill Brush That Attaches To Your Power Drill

Put a little more strength into your cleaning routine with these drill brushes that attach to your power drill and really get the gunk out of grout, tiles, and other tough surfaces. The bristles are made from tough, but non-abrasive nylon — and the set comes with brushes in three different sizes to tackle every kitchen and bathroom cleaning job with ease.


These Gentle Mesh Laundry Bags That Protect Lingerie

When you toss lingerie, blouses, and other delicate items in with the ordinary wash, you leave them wide open to snags and damage at the hands of clothing zippers and buttons. These mesh laundry bags have zippered tops and provide a place for these pieces to get clean without compromising their fabrics. The set comes with one extra large bag, two large bags, and two medium bags.


An Organizer The Keeps Container Lids In Order

If you get knocked in the head with about 10 container lids every time you open a cabinet door, I have a solution for you. This lid container organizer has five adjustable dividers and built-in handles — and fits right inside of most drawers or cabinets. It comes in four sizes: one small, one medium, and two different larges.


The Silicone Handle Holder That Prevents Burns When You're Cooking

There are times when you reach for a pan without thinking and wind up with a nasty burn. Apply these hot handle holders to scorching pan handles ahead of time, and you'll never have to worry about that fate. The holders are designed from durable silicone that resists temps up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit — and they're designed to fit most traditional skillets. The handles are also dishwasher safe and come in six colors.


This Tongue Cleaner That Removes Odor-Causing Bacteria

These stainless steel tongue scrapers help remove bacteria, germs, and food particles from your tongue — aka the part of your mouth that's often overlooked while cleaning — to help reduce odors. They have curved handles and shouldn't cause a gagging sensation — and they even come with a travel case.


A Veggie Chopper That Cracks Down On Onions In Seconds

Imagine prepping meals without a single knife and slicing onions without collapsing in a heap of tears by the end of it. This is the vegetable chopper that can handle all of the toughest veggies, fruits, and other foods that need slicing and dicing — from onions to apples and cheese. The countertop chopper comes with two interchangeable stainless steel blades and a container for catching slices. And all of its parts are dishwasher safe.


This Convenient Label Maker For Organizing Your Pantry And Files

Now, you won't have to mix your basmati rice with your jasmine rice. Create helpful labels with this label maker, slap them on bottles, containers, wires, cables, files, and jars, and create a more organized living space that's easier to navigate. The fun and user-friendly device has a memory capable of storing up to 30 labels and a number of templates and different fonts.


These No-Tie Shoelaces So You Never Have To Stop Mid-Run

You can run, walk, or just go about your day without ever having to look down at your feet again. These no-tie elastic shoelaces do away with the task of stopping, bending down, and tying your shoes or sneakers. They come in 12 different colors and can be trimmed to fit different shoes.


The Cleaning Tablets For Odor-Free Water Bottles And Tumblers

Even the longest bottle brushes in the world sometimes fail to get every inch of water bottles and tumblers clean — which leaves them susceptible to bacteria and odors that can affect the taste of beverages. But by simply popping one of these hydration pack cleaning tablets into your bottle and adding water, you can remove stubborn stains and keep bottles spotless. The eco-friendly tablets are biodegradable and free of chlorine.


This Money-Saving Fridge Water Filter That Helps Remove Toxins

If you have a GE French door refrigerator, this water filter is a perfect fit (and one that'll save you so much money on bottled water). The filter can remove more than 50 contaminants and pharmaceuticals that include chlorine and lead. Plus, it's simple to install and lasts for as long as 6 months before it needs to be replaced.


These Gap Covers That Keep Food From Falling In Between Appliances

Those gaps between appliances are breeding grounds for fallen items like food and utensils (that you'll likely never be able to retrieve again and can kiss goodbye). But the solution is simple: These silicone gap covers fit perfectly in those areas and provide a barrier that prevents items from falling through the cracks. Each set comes with two fillers.


The Fridge Door Handle Covers That Prevent Smudges

Tired of wiping smudge marks off your stainless steel fridge, oh, every other day? This set of Velcro handle covers —  which come in three sizes and three shades — offers a way to open your fridge without leaving your fingerprints behind. The covers are machine washable and double has handles for other appliances, like your stove and dishwasher.


A Wine Filter That Removes Sulfates & Antihistamines

Wine lovers, this gadget is a game-changer. Simply wave this wand through your glass of wine and the fine mesh netting will remove sulfates and antihistamines from your glass without changing the taste of your favorite vino. Nearly 1,000 Amazon reviewers rave: "I love wine, but have terrible allergies to the histamines, sulfites, and preservatives in wine. I actually use one wand for two glasses of wine. I was very skeptical, but it works like a dream!" Best yet, this comes in a three pack so you can share with friends.


This Cell Phone and Tablet Holder For Hands-Free Viewing

Watch movies or scroll the web in comfort when you prop up your smartphone or tablet on this cell phone stand. It can be adjusted to the ideal height and angle for comfortable viewing. The stand has an anti-skid design and is compatible with most smartphones (as well as iPads and Kindles).


An Expandable Organizer That Fits Under Your Sink

That precious space under your sink is perfect for storing cleaning supplies or beauty products — but not if you're tossing items in there without a game plan. This expandable under-the-sink organizer can be adjusted to one of four heights that suit your cabinet. Plus, its thoughtful design even allows you to rotate it so that it fits around plumbing. Best of all, it's so sturdy and can hold up to 40 pounds.


The Oil Dispenser That Provides A Light Mist

Most meals require nothing more than a light layer or mist of oil, which isn't exactly an easy thing to achieve when you're pouring from a bottle. This olive oil sprayer — which can also be used for vinegar, soy sauce, and other liquid condiments — has helpful measurement markings and a pump that delivers just a bit at a time.


A Tool That Slices Grapes And Tomatoes Into Smaller Pieces

You can quarter grapes, olives, and cherry tomatoes in a fraction of the time it takes to cut them with ordinary knives when you use this grape cutter. The handheld gadget features a nonslip plunger, serrated blades, and a cover. Simply toss the cutter into your dishwasher when you're finished using it.


A Dish Drying Rack That Comes With A Microfiber Drying Mat

If you're without a dishwasher or are just looking for a place to drop a plate while yours is running, this dish drying rack and mat is a fantastic purchase. With enough room to store 19 dishes, four wine glasses, and a variety of silverware, this dish rack is a great purchase. But don't take my word for it: More than 2,000 Amazon reviewers rave.


A Chic Copper Wine Bottle Chiller For Parties

You can enjoy your party and get up fewer times to grab that bottle of wine from the fridge when you rely on this elegant wine bottle chiller. The stainless steel cooler is insulated to keep white wine, champagne, or rosé perfectly cold and delicious for hours. It comes in three pretty finishes: copper, silver, and etched gold.


The Softest Pair Of Headphones That Double As An Eye Mask

In my opinion, you can get a better night's sleep when you let soothing music or meditation sounds relax you — but you can do it without disrupting roommates or your partner with the help of these sleep headphones. The soft eye mask has built-in speakers with Bluetooth technology, and it'll block out light while providing up to 9 hours of continuous play time.


The New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls That Cut Down On Drying Time

Swap dryer sheets for these natural wool dryer balls and feel 100% confident you aren't introducing a single chemical to your clothing (or the environment). The dryer balls are made from New Zealand wool and help remove lint and static from clothes, all while cutting down on drying time and saving you money on your electric bill.


These Reusable Shopping Bags That Can Handle 50 Pounds Each

Designed with waterproof polyester, a lengthy shoulder handle, and the ability to be folded up into a compact pouch, these reusable shopping bags will have you questioning plastic bags in no time. The totes are super roomy and can hold up to 50 pounds each. They're also machine washable and come in a variety of fun colors that make shopping a pleasure.


A Claw That Can Speed Up How Fast Your Meat Thaws

This innovative device allows you to thaw your meat up to seven times faster than traditional methods. How it works: Attach it to the bottom of your sink using the suction cup and it'll hold your frozen meat down, so you can use less water to thaw it and so it remains unexposed to air (and thus thaws more quickly). One Amazon reviewer raves: "I am a stickler for properly defrosting meat after working in food service for years and this makes that process super easy and [surprisingly] quick!"


These Motion-Detecting Lights That You Can Stick Onto The Wall

These motion-detecting stick-on lights can adhere to every dark corner, closet, or cabinet using the included adhesive liners. Each battery-operated light strip features 10 long-lasting LED lights, a motion sensor that activates in the dark, and an auto-shutoff function that turns off after 20 seconds of no detectable motion.


This Portable Lighted Mirror That Can Also Power Your Phone

An essential tool for both on-the-go makeup touchups and phone charging, this lighted makeup mirror boasts two built-in mirrors and 30 LED lights that can be charged via USB. The mirror has a standard port charger for phones, and it's compact enough to toss in your handbag. Plus, the unit comes in rose gold or black.


A Rotary Vegetable Peeler With Three Different Built-In Blades

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to this practical, rotary-style vegetable peeler. The handheld peeler is designed with standard, serrated, and julienne stainless steel blades that deliver any kind of slice called for in your recipe. The tool is dishwasher safe and includes a potato eye remover.


These 2-In-1 Tongs That Perform Doubly-Duty As Spatulas

Sometimes, you need kitchen tongs — and other times, you need a spatula. Why not combine both tools into this silicone spatula and tong gem? It features a sturdy stainless steel frame, and it's resistant to temps as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The four-pack comes with two large tongs and two small tongs that you'll find yourself using daily.


The Clip-On Dip Trays That Attach To Bowls And Plates

Create personalized snacking bowls or plates at your next party with these clever clip-on dip bowls that attach right to the sides of tableware. The set includes four colorful trays for salsa, guac, and more — and they'll save guests the inconvenience of stopping a conversation to go hunting for the dip. Plus, they're dishwasher safe.


A Protective Cover For Your Makeup Sponges

If you're using makeup sponges and then tossing them aside, you're leaving them wide open to collecting germs and dirt — two things you probably don't want all over your skin. This blender case snaps together over sponges to keep them fresh and clean. It even has a smart ventilated design that allows proper airflow to dry damp blenders.


This 3-Sided Shield That Contains Messes While You're Cooking

It's a fact of kitchen life: When you fry or sauté just about any food, you're probably going to find oil all over your stove and counters. Prevent messy cooking situations before they start with this three-sided splatter guard, which is basically a shield with fold-out panels that you can place around pans and mixing bowls to guard surrounding areas against messes.


An Outlet Designed With A Convenient Shelf To Hold 15 Pounds

Some design concepts just make total sense, like this wall outlet that includes a small top shelf that's strong enough to hold up to 15 pounds. The outlet is simple to install and can be used to charge your phone. Plus, it can provide a better place to store your device than on the floor (it's also the perfect size for an Amazon Echo).


The Heated Bag Sealer To Preserve The Freshness Of Every Snack

It may look like a straightening iron, but this heated bag sealer is a major money-saving gadget that creates a seal on all of those snack packets that you open and have no intention of finishing in one sitting. The portable food sealer — which has a 45-inch power cable — is perfect for potato chips, cereal, pasta, and other bagged foods. It also comes in mint, pink, or yellow to add a dash of color to your kitchen.


These Collapsible Funnels That You Can Store Anywhere

A funnel always comes in handy when you need to transfer liquid or dry ingredients without making a mess, but its shape and size makes storage quite a hassle. This collapsible funnel is designed from long-lasting, heat-resistant silicone — and it collapses flat so that you can literally stash it in any drawer or cabinet.


An Ab Wheel For An Intense Core Workout

The key to building strength and moving more easily is all in your core. That's why this ab wheel is such a great addition to your home gym. How it works: On your knees, grip each handle with one hand and gently roll outward and back in. It'll be a challenging core workout that'll help you tone and build your abs in no time.


A Portable Cup That Keeps Your Cereal Crunchy When You're On The Go

If you've ever wanted to take your breakfast on the go, this portable cereal cup is a game-changer. Store your favorite cereal in the center column and your milk in the exterior chamber. No matter where you go your breakfast will stay separated, so you don't end up with soggy cereal when you're ready to eat. Even better, it's dishwasher-safe and made of BPA-free plastic.


The Herb Stripper That Swiftly Separates Leaves From Their Stalks

If your favorite part about cooking so isn't the painfully slow time it takes to strip herb leaves from their stalks, then this herb stripper is your new best friend in the kitchen. The stainless steel stripper is designed with nine holes in different sizes that can handle every one of your herbs when you pull them through.

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