If You’re Cheap But Want To Look Good, You’ll Love These 44 Things On Amazon

By Chloe Obach
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Having great style isn’t about spending hundreds of dollars for a pocketbook with initials stamped on the front. Especially when it’s very possible to find affordable options that look just as good and hold your credit cards just as well — if we’re sticking with the pocketbook example. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of cheap things that make you look stylish, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: The vast majority of the affordable must-haves in my closet have come from Amazon.

Nothing on this list will cost you more than $35, but everything on it stands to transform your wardrobe or beauty routine. From a tote bag that comes in more than 100 colors and an $8 concealer reviewer's rave “blows everything out of the water,” these are an instant boost of confidence. What’s more, even though we’re adhering to a very strict budget, no one (besides you and me, of course) ever has to know. Despite their price tags, they look well-made and hold up extremely well.

Personally, though, I love to talk about it. Every time someone asks me, “Where’d you get that?” I can’t wait to reply, “Amazon. It was $20.” After all, why shouldn’t I share these amazing finds, especially if it means everyone gets to look great without breaking the bank?

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