39 Cheap Dupes On Amazon Exploding In Popularity

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If you live for dupes — inexpensive products that can hold their own against much pricier competitors — you already know that it can be difficult to find similar items that are as amazing as their luxury-brand cousins. But these 39 cheap dupes on Amazon exploding in popularity are the exception to that rule.

Instead of competing with more expensive items, these suspiciously cheap products stand all on their own, offering unique benefits that you won't find everywhere.

For instance, there's a stand-up mixer with six speed settings that you'll use to whip up amazing meals and desserts — and it also happens to weigh just 5 pounds. Or a set of microfiber bed sheets that are resistant to wrinkles and tears — and just so happen to boast more than 20,000 reviews because they feel like silk and come in more than 40 colors and prints (including paisley, gingham, and florals).

And there is no shortage of grooming products and beauty finds on this list that will make you stop pining away for those three-figure vitamin C serums and hair dryers that get all of the attention.

These products quietly achieve the same or similar results as their expensive counterparts — without draining your bank account.

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