IGK's New Scalp Scrub Is A Must-Have For Dry Shampoo Junkies

Anyone with a busy schedule has been there. There's just no time to wash your hair sometimes, and while you may be thankful for that bottle of dry shampoo you've got stashed away, product build-up is real. Thankfully, IGK's new Low Key Scalp Scrub is here to help remove all of the unfortunate effects of your overindulgence in dry shampoo or styling products.

The IGK Hair Low Key Scalp Scrub isn't just for product build-up, however. It's actually a multi-purpose product designed to treat both your hair and scalp, and it's got an ingredient that you may be a little surprised to hear about. While coconut oil had its incredible rise — and mild downfall — there's one household item that is still a staple in the beauty world: apple cider vinegar. Lucky for you, it's in the Low Key Scrub.

The apple cider vinegar inside the product is designed to help clarify your scalp and hair, but it also fights irritation. Apple cider vinegar isn't the only natural ingredient in Low Key, though. Walnut plays a huge part in getting your hair and scalp looking its best. To exfoliate your scalp in a gentle manner, the scrub uses the nut's oils.

Courtesy of IGK

IGK Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub, $36, Sephora

The official launch for the scrub is July 18. If you want to snag it, Low Key will be available on IGK's website and both in store and online at Sephora.

If you've been looking for a product to take care of your scalp after your week of dry shampoo and styling, Low Key is it, and ringing in at $36, it won't break the bank. In fact, it'll cost less than a deep condition at your salon, while also clarifying your scalp and getting your tresses ready to face the summer sunshine.

If your scalp could use some serious love, mark your calendars for July 18. With apple cider vinegar, walnut oil, and crushed shells, this soon-to-be-released product is sure to be your hair's new bestie.