This New Jelly Highlighter Has THE Most Intense Glow — And It’s Only $12


You don't have to spend good money in order to take part in the latest beauty trends. Instead, you just need to know which brands are selling quality products for the fraction of the price department store counters are. If you're after an unreal glow, INC.redible's new jelly highlighters will give you an intense shimmer for only a little over $10. With prices like those, there's no way you will feel guilty for getting yet another highlighter — and maybe even dabble in more than one shade!

For those not in the know, INC.redible is a new cruelty-free drugstore brand that popped onto the scene in late 2017, and is committed to bringing beauty lovers affordable makeup that dabbles in the latest trends. The new brand is the brainchild of Thea Green, founder of Nails Inc., where she extended her nail polish empire to lip and skin cosmetics. You probably have encountered some of their viral products, like the Jelly Shot Lip Quencher, which is a natural oil clear balm stick with flowers floating inside it, and the Neon Lip Paint, which not only comes in sizzling colors, but they glow underneath a black light, too.

The brand is gracing us with yet another exciting product, which is their galactic-like jelly highlighter. This isn't a new addition to their cosmetics collection — called the "You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly," the product originally dropped with two different shades, and instantly sold out on Sephora. "Show Glow" was an intense gold shade akin to Fenty Beauty's Killawatt highlighter, where it offered the wearer an intense gilded shine. "Cosmic Blur" was a cool, iridescent shade that turned ultra violet when it caught the light, and offered an out-of-this-world purple pop packed with a healthy dose of shimmer.

The multi-use highlighter can be worn anywhere from your brow line, to your collarbone, to your eyes, cheeks, or lips, proving it to be a staple in more adventurous makeup looks.

To give you an idea just how versatile the shimmering product is, here's a photo of the ultraviolet color being used across the brow bone, cheekbones, eyelids, and lips to create a cosmic look.

Seeing how quickly the original colelction sold out, it's exciting that they expanded their colors to two new additions: Peach Out and Flocking Fabulous.

Peach out is a golden peach shade that is meant to bring a warm flush to your cheeks and lips. It looks like a rich apricot shade in the jar, but once you dip your finger into the bouncy gel, it swipes on like a shimmery sunset.

Flocking Fabulous is a hot pink with an ultraviolet glow when it hits the light, giving you a cool flush of blush.

The way that you dab it on makes it as pigmented or subtle as you want it to be. If you've never used jelly before, in order to apply it you need to use a dabbing movement as you use it as a blush to the apple of your cheeks or as a cream shadow to your eyelids. You need to work quickly with the goop, since once it dries it stays put.

Below is Flocking Fabulous at work, showing you just what kind of an electric, duo-chrome shade it becomes when layered on.

While there aren't reviews on the new shades yet, some have already bought it and added their thoughts under the brand's Instagram account, where one beauty lover wrote under the Flocking Fabulous photo, "I used this tonight on my eyes over a burgundy shadow and OH MY GOSH AMAZING."

"Just ordered all 4 of them, can’t wait to try them out!" another shared. If you're looking for megawatt shine on a budget, then you can't do better then this pigmented gel.