Instagram's New Stickers Will Help You Express All Your Emotions

by Kiersten Hickman
Courtesey of Instagram

Instagram is all about updates this week, from new Face Filters to a Rewind setting to even a new erase brush. But what's also included to this collection of new features are a ton of new, super cute Instagram stickers with phrases that you probably use multiple times a day.

So, how do you find them? Go into your Instagram camera app, take a photo, and select the small stickers button on the top-right hand corner. Scroll through to see tons of new stickers — with your everyday phrases such as “truuuu,” “y tho,” “WANT,” “ugh,” “yasss,” and even “savage." That’s right, perfect for all of your savage moments.

These stickers are added to the collection of stickers that are already available on Instagram, like your favorite crown, your “King” banner, and of course, the location stickers. Instagram is also providing you with stickers that match days of the week — like a photo for a good #TBT moment.

Basically, they are perfect for everyday moments. Instagram is equipping you with the perfect snarky comment during your morning commute — like when the subway smells, when you’re stuck in traffic, or when someone is walking too slow. They are also perfect for your next night out — giving a whole new feel to your Instagram story timeline after a night full of adventure.

Courtesy of Instagram

Instagram has also added a new hashtag sticker, allowing others to see what people are tagging with that particular hashtag. Sure you may not use hashtag much, but I know for a fact that you will most definitely use the new Instagram eraser brush — which allows you to fix any of your mistakes without having to undo your entire drawing. Such exciting news!